Friday, June 18, 2010

Raavanan – A Couple of Views

The following is straight out of a chat conversation between me and my friend, on Raavanan.

Take1: So, the verdict ?

Take2: There's no one word verdict :)

Take1: Meaning ?

Take2: The only thing on my mind now is naan varuven, meendum varuven I think that one scene did it for me...

Take1: I saw it in the morning ... the harmonium is still ringing in my head !!!!

Take2: But yeah, I thought brilliant performances, awesome cinematography; India didn't look more beautiful

Take1: Ya ..true

Take2: I would have been abolsutley flabbergasted if the story was a tad less predictable

Take1: First half was a bit dull for my liking

Take2: Exactly. But i have to say... the music got lost in the movie nothing stood out except naan varuven...

Take1: hmm ... agreed .. no masterpiece bgm too ..still the last 20 mins I was like .. damn .. do i have to sit .. i was almost jumping

Take2: The last 20 mins were brilliant

Take2: I think the ramayan adaptation totally overshadows the naxalite undercurrent

Take1: Ya .. the current is almost not there

Take2: It’s there at one point, and then it gets lost with the sister revenge

Take1: And i would ve liked the priya mani bit not to be the reason for revenge

Take2: Yeah that brought the movie down a notch. Its becomes like oh, this always happens in tamil movies .. or hindi movies ;)

Take1: But ya .. he was so vehiment on adaptaion thingie - with karthik jumping arnd and all

Take2: yes, i jumping around was too much

Take1: Ya .. almost shankar-ish :)

Take2: But Karthik was really good

Take1: Ya he was

Take2: Vikram's last few scenes... good God! Where he says usuru vandhurchu and where ash says babababa his expressions were brillaint

Take1: hmm .. wonder how AB would match up

Take2: I was going to type the same thing. I'll find out tomorrow :)

Take1: me too :)

Take2: I have a feeling AB might be as good... because he's wuite looney in real life and he might get the last few scenes right on target because he's with ash

Take1: Ya .. possible

Take1: And prithviraj ... was super

Take2: Prithviraj was alright... not much there ;) but yeah, i'm curious to see vikram in that role. I vaguely liked it that priya mani's name was vennila :)

Take1: I liked her tan look ;)

Take1: And why is ranjitha there .. grr

Take2: I know.. horrible dance steps and no dialogue

Take1: Her scenes got the highest mass appeal .. or response ... i was disgusted.. at the public first and then at mani

Take2: ha ha ha ... but the controversy happened after she was cast, and shot.. we had a few people giggling here when she first came on screen

Take1: Ya .. same ... and then screams in the subsequent scenes .. the "intelligent" tamil audience

Take2: lol

Take1: mixed reviews already .. from worst mani movie to the best

Take2: yeah I was reading some online

Take1: i would take middle path :)

Take2: Frankly, I have never come out of a mani rathnam movie in the theatre going WOW

Take1: exactly my thought !!!

Take2: somehow i end up liking it more over time

Take1: It sinks in ..

Take2: yep... All... aayudha ezhuthu, guru

Take1: Even alaipayude .. i was like .. did i see a good film or a great film

Take2: :) .. Kannathil muthamitaal maybe that stirred me up a bit but none of the others

Take1: AE stirred me up ... since the subject is close to my heart or was ..

Take2: But If it weren't for that last song in Raavan, I wouldn't remain staring at the screen for long after, awed.

Take1: That was the moment of the movie !

Take2: totally...

Take1: the harmonica started first .. i was like wow .....

Take2: when he just looked at her face, and fell over... and the song was his parachute...

Take1: rahman sounded like God !

Take2: Agreed

Take1: I have heard usure pogude since i saw it .. not behne de !

Take2: Still didn't work for me...

Take1: hmm ..

Take1: Beera beera song the bg now i can hear dan dan dan dandanaka clearly :)

Take2: aah! I loved the kaatu sirukki chanting

Take1: oh yeah .. waiting to hear the ranjha version of it .. gotta be better

Take2: hmm :)

Take2: Aapparently that spot where ash falls and usure pogushe starts was the same spot as punnagai mannan

Take1: oh .. interesting

Take1: that priya mani's fiancée ..some guys were talking outside the theatre ..that he is the guy who played amudha's cousin !

Take2: really?! wow

Take2: the scene before kalvare was totally Roja. Madhubala finding where Aravind Swamy was

Take1: hmm :) and I thought one scene was so dil se .. oh ya .. the priya mani - police station scene

Take1: There's no one word verdict, I guess :)

Song for the Occassion: Naan Varuvene ... meeendum varuvene !