Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Filmy, Very Filmy

“Dekh Raha hun wo Jahaz…..”. I am sure you know the rest of the dialogue. I was struck for the Nth time after watching that scene. No dialogue has made more sense to me at a point when cross roads are taking my friends to different directions. So, at times like this, when my mind is vacant, I turn to music, movies and TV shows. They are the only ones that can rescue me from the nothingness. I have watched like 10 movies over last 3 days. And I have heard Aaromale a million times. Like my friend says the movies and music gives us an unfair hope. But a hope nevertheless.

You see Geet and secretly wish she was yours. You see Akash and wish that he was there by your side to make you laugh. You see Aditya Shroff and wish you turned around your life just like he did. You wish you could throw everything you had and go on a journey like Aditya Kashyap. You wish every girl you meet through “proposals” is like Aditi sayini. You wish Jessy comes back to your life. The list is too long.

People say reading books makes you go places with imagination. But for people like me who have don’t take to it, we are left with the other better option – live the life through the celluloid. It’s not for nothing that people go on a marathon watching of their favorite tv episodes. Latest one for me is 24. I am completing the 8th season this week. And I find myself walking with holding my mobile like I were holding a rifle. Or reply/talk to everyone with phrases like, “Copy That”, “Negative”, “All teams stand down” and so on.

There are only two kinds of people in this world - Filmy and non-filmy. The filmy ones relate each and every incident in their life with some movie or the other. These people would find it hard remembering the mathematical formulae. But they would remember each and every dialogue from their favorite movies. In fact people like me survive on it.

If the movies and dialogues do not come to our aid, there is always music to fall back on. There is a song for every occasion; and for each person. From boredom to agony to happiness to heart break to divinity, music takes care of it all. And there are other songs which do not have any occasion or person attached to it. These are purely your songs. The mind blanks out as you listen to them. The moment I hear the striking of ‘that guitar’ or when she starts off “Sakshatkarane”, I feel paralyzed. And I remain so, through out the song. God bless those musicians who bring life to our souls.

Song for the occasion: Actually I would like to dedicate a few songs to all my friends. Each one has a reason to be here and my friends (if they are reading this) would know which song is for them :) In no specific order …

Smooth Criminal
Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe
Bhula Do/Zehreeley
Aaoge Jab Tum O saajna/ Nee Mazhai naan ilai
Mora Saiyyan mose bole na
Endan vaanin kadhal nilave
Sunte Hain ke mil jaati hain
Ye Ishq hai
Chup Chup ke Chup Chup ke chori se chori
Tauba tumhare ye ishare
Raindrops falling on my head
Abhi nahi aana sajna
Let me be myself (3 Doors Down)
Azhage Sughama
Bharani Paatu :)
Rari Rariram
Ye Zindagi Bhi ( Luck by chance)
Kannukku mai azhagu
Kadhal Rojave
Tu Pyar hai kisi aur ka
Palavattam pookalam
Aankhon se Jab bhi ho teri aankhen juda
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
Nakka Mukka
In the end
Shauk Hai
Tanha Dil Tanha Safar
Jab bhi milte ho muskurate ho
Mann Mohana

Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Reasons why I hated the Ind vs SA series.

No. I have not taken a rebirth and started hating cricket. Feb 24 would still remain as one of the happiest days of my life. But it was hard to watch the series on television. Every 3 minutes(approx) these ads kept bugging me. Someone said the standard of Indian advertising has gone up. God save the Indian ad industry, if this is true. The ads that were running, in the descending order of level of stupidity, were:

1. J K Super Cements: A girl walking out of the waves in a bikini. And they say J k Super Cements: Is mein kuch khaas hai. The sad part is that people started talking about it on all forums about the absurdness of the ad and it received the publicity that it required. If ever I were to buy cement, I will make sure that it is no J K. I reported this to ASCI as well.

2. HDFC life insurance: The two friends in the cab ad. If a friend of mine asks me , “yaar, agar tu wapas hi nahi aaya toh?”, I would either slap him or give all the mc, bc galis of the world. I would not for sure “sir jhukake sit” !!

3. Micromax: The guy gets hit while crossing the road. That when he is updating his FB status that he got saved just now. Seriously, you think I would buy this phone after this?

4. IPL: Yes. The IPL is back home. But they don’t have to torture us with all these stupid ticket kharida kya ad and the ones which says “stadium ka maza stadium main hi hai”. The latter concept is good. But please; the ads like the one in which the blonde copies the dance step or the one which has the dumb girl screaming “come on yaar, give me a six” drives you away from the stadium. If anything.

5. Lemon Mobile: Why can’t they find better names for their brands? Lemon mobile? Like, if I am thirsty, I can put this mobile in water, add sugar and drink? Is that the idea? And the ad where the pilot catches the mobile our of the aeroplane was irritating, least to say.

6. Java Mobile: Please read comments above.

7. ibibo: “Usne mere melons churaye” ad and the guy driving his car in the loo ad. If you want to show vulgarity, show it properly. Don’t use this school kiddish dialogues. At least not on advertisements.

8. Vokswagen: The car ads never come out good for some reason. People find it hard to come up with creative ways of marketing car advertisements. The ad where the guy pulls out some crap from Himalayas and comes to the bar to show it off. Please! Just show the car gliding on a highway. That is good enough for us!!

9. Econ Religare: I know you think you don’t know this one. But remember the ad where Irrfan khan gives you the gyan on saving for the future? Well now you do. All I heard for 18 days was aamdani thenga. I know Irffan has this aam aadmi image. But for God sake you do not have to use it in all the brands!!

10. Titan: Even the master could not get it right this time. Aamir’s ad where he wears Titan and the whole papparazi is behind him. Eventhough, it was one of the lesser irritating ads, when you see Aamir doing it, it irks you as much.

Where are the good old days of “Hai Sanjana, Want another Pepsi?” or “H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot” gone? Hope ads like these are back at least for the IPL. Otherwise we are in for a painful 30 days ahead!!

Song for the Occasion: Ye zameen ye aasman (for bringing back the glorious ads)

Ps: Apologies for the frustrated/Irritant post. But, I had to vent it out somewhere :)