Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet the Parents

After recurring complaints, I mean to keep this short

(This is not the how I met my in laws post)

It had been almost 6 years since I have literally lived with my parents before I moved in to Bangalore last month. I always missed being with everyone in the family. And as I returned home, I was caught napping about a few things.

The first few days of homecoming were fun. No one seemed to have enough of me. Mom would come to me every 10 minutes and ask if I wanted something to eat, dad wouldn’t mind me playing the music loud. But in a couple of days, things started becoming different. Or should I say things started becoming normal. Suddenly, I found that the 1 mile radius space around me had been cut short to a square centimeter. Let’s face it. I was not anymore in the ‘somebody is gonna get hurt real bad’ stage. And neither can I be the rebellious teen who would do things just because I was told not to do it.

So my dad, who was the advisory commission before, has taken up the role of a walking clock. I always hear him saying, “Vinod, Time is 7.30(am) … Daramdam damdada damadada dum”, “Vinod, Time is 11.30(am) … Daramdam damdada damadada dum”, “Vinod, Time is 11.30(pm) … Daramdam damdada damadada dum”. My mom is pretty cool these days. She only gets worked up when there is a guest in the house. Then she would automatically start with things like, ‘Can anyone be anymore lazy?’, ‘Have you seen anyone more irresponsible?’, ‘Erumakada vala oru prayojanamum kadayadu ( There is no use with this buffalo)’ and so on. My manni (bhabhi) is my defence lawyer, but she switches sides when it comes to the way I handle money. My dad comes and asks me what you spent the 5000 bucks on. I am completely blanked out at this stage. I never even realized that I had spent that much which is how it would be when I live by myself.

One of the tasks I did as part of being a family man was the trip to the zoo with my bro, bhabhi and my nephew. They were quite keen on showing all the animals to the little fellow and were sure that he would jump up and down with excitement. We had a tough time keeping him awake! And the animals seemed to give us expressions saying, “Ya right. Aren’t you bored of seeing me in the discovery channel?” It always amuses me how seeing animals can be so exciting. That too encaged in the dirtiest of the environments. Even though this time there was an artificial forest kind of set up that was created, the animals looked far from being at home. If I were given the authority, I would transport each one of them to the jungles. People can go there and see them at their own risk. The only time I got excited during the whole trip was when people were shouting “Beer.. Beer”, when they saw a Bear. Which reminds me; I get the smell of beer in my dreams these days.

But all the things I mentioned doesn’t matter when I am in the pamper zone. Life is so much easier out here. My nephew comes to my bed daily morning, rolls over me a few times and as I open my eyes he says “Goodmorning Chittappa”. Trust me it is a Raymonds’ moment. And the best part is whenever I feel like I am feeling now, I can just yell out (like I am doing now), “Amma …Cofeeee”.

Song for the occasion:

Yahan alag andaaz hai;Jaise chidta koi saaz hai
Har kaam ko taala karte;Ye sapne paala karte hain