Monday, May 17, 2010

In Pursuit of Craziness

Do you ever get this urge to stand up from your cubicle, may be on top of the desk, and start singing on top of your voice, start dancing and run out of the office? I get these kind of feelings quite often. The majority of the blame has to be taken up by Rahman & Co. The idea first came to my mind when I was sitting in my cubicle at the Kochi office and I heard this song called Dhan te naan. Now, you really cannot blame me for feeling so? Can you?

If you can, then you belong to the mango people type (courtesy: Imtiaz). You know? The {do engineering – get a job – get married – buy a house – have a kid – get him/her into school – finish the loans – retire – rue about life – wait for the eventuality} types. Well sadly, I am also being a part of this group. At least I am quarter way through.

Life has become so Badmash Company' ly monotonous that I feel just like Hrithik did at the end of the 'main aisa kyun hun' song. I know, I know .. it is the introspection time in life. And what do I figure out? I figure out that my life is contained to a set of 6 websites

1. The FB & O
2. The Chat windows – The same people, the same conversations(mostly)
3. The matrimony websites
4. The naukri websites
5. The Property websites
6. The carwala websites

But it's not only me. I see people around me and everyone (In bold, Italics & Capital letters) are doing the same. It is like one of those computer games with different levels. The moment you conquer one of these levels, you ought to start giving tips to the others on how to finish the task. For eg: The moment you are engaged/married you start giving advise to the singletons asking them how one should start compromising; how a delay might harm your chances of finding 'someone' ever; how you should get tied soon etc, very subtly saying that I have finished the level, and you are kind of lagging behind.

I ask for an explanation to someone why I should buy a property now, why I should get married at a pre-defined age, I get the trademark answer – 'That is life'. It is life I agree. But are you living it? I am kind of bored of asking myself this question. I have had enough of reading "Oh it is Monday again" status messages; and with 'what am I doing in this job' statements; and the whole lot of jokes revolving around peanuts (salaries, duh); and last but never the least, the 'I am bored' statements.

So what can we do about this situation of mass depression amongst the late twenties people?

Pata nahi.. Pata chalte aapko hi pehle bataunga

But we can take a start, can't we? I am not going to say quit your job and do what you are passionate about. I am not a hypocrite. Neither a hippopotamus (Just checking if I knew the spelling there).
Go ahead and do things that you want. Even if you don't get to do the job you like, it will pay you enough to do things that you like. Take a road trip (courtesy: Elizabeth Town). Just abscond for a couple of weeks, live under a different name in some island. Learn at least one musical instrument. Explore at least 2 states in the country per year. And keep one of them an unplanned trip. Start cycling. Go swim. And do adventure sports once in every 3 months. Play the games you like. Make a maximum number of movies watching record every month. And try and beat it every next month. Add to this list!

Ps: I think I am having schizophrenia. Can anyone confirm?

Song for the Occasion: OO aee eee yaa O ae ee yooo


Uma said...

very good..schizophrenia - all symptoms are indeed pointing towards it ;)

Swatz said...

..Play the games you like. Make a maximum number of movies watching record every month. And try and beat it every next month. Add to this list!....

Do some charity work. Spend time with kids for as long as they are tolerable. Have 'college-type-complete-nonsense' talks with old friends(if you are not killing their time:P)

Vinz said...


Thoughts well put in words...

This is the biggest problem our generation is facing. Most of them...

Trying to be different makes you an out-cast..

But then, I wont mind being an outcast.. Atleast, i am proudly trying to be one..!!


Vinod R Iyer said...

@Uma: Thank YOU !!

@Swatz: Charity work - copy that. But why does talking to friend has to be college type ??

@Vinz:Remember that trip to Mumbai ?I still keep thinking about it. That how things would have been different. Glad that you are sticking it out there mate. Proud of you !! :)

manoranjini said...

Aww man,hilarious!!!This is absolutely how to let off some of that steam..write an out n out fun post!!There are tons of things that can be done to beat the monotony,question is ..does laziness permit ?? :D

hmmm said...

Thats the most introspective you have got that I know of!! Of course in a tasteful manner:)
and congrats on the hippo tamus watever.I bet spell check corrected it for u.kadhai vidadey....

subs said...

Yes! Do something you love and never regret about it :)

Great write up!

sound said...

some1 is doing too much introspection of life here!!

nicely written and yes almost all of us r in same position!!!

White Forest said...

similar took up practice sessions with Nike Run Club banglore....and finished sunfeast 10K marathon ...somthin that i have begun to add to my list ! :)

kanika said...

No Schizophrenia this. Quarter life crisis, i'd say! But you'll never be alone in it :D

Jean said...

... and if all these things cannot be done, sit back and dream. Works wonders!

The problem is Peer Pressure. Then Parent pressure. Then Family pressure. Spouse Pressure... Those thingies exist as long as there is such a phenomenon as 'Society'. Am I adding to the rambling?

audi said...

Ditto as most of them -- i.e brilliant! and I agree with Manoranjini...u keep talkin about all these passionare stuff, hobbies, interest, doin things to break the monotony blah blah but ur lazy bum takes over all of get tht sloth outa u n move it... :)

shunyata said...

Going over what we can do to get over our mundane/clich├ęd lives, is perhaps one of those things we should frequently do. I believe its the best way to release the dopamine in our brains!

Vinod R Iyer said...

@lekshmi: Million dollar Q that. Let's wait n watch
@Chandri: spell check ? what is that ?
@Subs: Danke.
@Sound: Not really. Just venting out some thoughts :)
@White forest: Marathon, eh. Never understood why people ran for no reason :)
@Kanika: QLC - I thought I am not eligible for that anymore :)
@Jean: Society, the bitch :)
@Audi: Bolne main kya jata hai :)
@Shunyata: To sum it up, so to say :)

Birdy said...

Haha enjoyed reading your posts, this one in particular, because I try to do these things myself!