Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloud 27


There was something missing. I wished for something and had got it. Then I wished I had never wished for it.  Life had just become a periodic table with all the117 elements running from start to end – over and over again. Mondays came too soon while Fridays took their time. No Jai Ho, no Kural, no riding dirty, no devuda Nivu could bring peace. The cloud was being built for too long. And I was missing something.


The ride:

It was yet another Friday night. The only agenda for the weekend was watching the cricket match. The office seats were vacant. The night was still young at many a part of the city. I shut my monitor and walked out. I wished I could do a Aditya Kashyap and take the next train to nowhere. But then he was rich. At least monetarily. I went to the garage walking out straight from the lift and took my bike. Poor thing has been taking all my frustrations for long now. I wore my helmet and got out of the parking lot.

The smell took me by surprise. No perfume could have matched it. I almost felt like getting down and taking a fist full of wet soil and putting it in my pocket. I took the deepest of the breaths and felt like the air was working like a cleanser. The cloud in my head looked like it was clearing. The droplets were getting heavier. I stopped to take my helmet off. The raindrops swept across my face. Sowmya Rao started singing into my ears. I had to stop to change the song. I couldn’t have survived the whole song. I moved on and so did my iPod. I tried to remember the last time I had done something like this. I couldn’t. I knew though, that it has been a while. The couple of winters and the “vides” experience had deprived me of this pleasure for a while now. Life looked like it had a meaning to it again. I kept smiling for no reason. Earlier in the day someone had asked me what my happiest moment in life was. I kept thinking for a while and I said, “I don’t know”.  But the ride convinced me – I really don’t.

I reached home. I guess my iPod got a little wet. It got into the mood too. It started to sing, “Thenmerku paruva katru”. I couldn’t have asked for more. I just turned around and continued the ride.



I wish I were a poet.


Song for the occasion: Thenmerku Paruva Katru