Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And Ode to Laziness

“So how come I don’t see you as often these days? Not online and all much ?”

“Have been busy with work. You wont believe I work almost 12 hours these days.”

“Wow. Nice to hear that. Especially from you.”


I got this response at least from 8-10 friends of mine. That is how much I am associated with laziness. It’s been around 10 years now since I have started being lazy. Yes, I do know the exact date too if you need.

 So what is it about laziness that one takes to it with so much dedication? It is simple – The lazier you are, the more work you get done. Just that you get it done by others. The motto of your life becomes much simpler. You get most of the things done in your dreams itself. Daydream is the best weapon of a lazy person. He can almost spend his whole life dreaming about things that he can do and get the happiness from it. You start appreciating the smaller beauties of life. You can almost spend an eternity with the television. You can spend almost half of your life, sleeping and not being any kind of disturbance to the world what so ever. You would appreciate each and every new technology that is coming in. Especially the ones like remote control, motor vehicle, the internet, the short-cut keys of a keyboard and the likes. You tend to preserve your energy for doing all the things associated with “fun” in life.

Every hero has to have a villain to fight. Laziness has more than one. It is like one of those fighter games where the villains keep coming one after the other - Work, gym, taunts, galiyan (thittu). Unlike other art forms, laziness is not that difficult to master. You start fighting all the villains with ease. You would have helpers coming from all the corners. Like procrastination. The best thing about procrastination is that you tend to minimize the time you spend on each thing you do. You would not do it until the last moment. That would mean that you have so much time with yourself to do other important things in life. You wouldn’t be like the foolish hard worker who would finish off the things well in advance. By this they stand a risk of getting more!

There would come testing times, like it always does, in life. You might be bombarded with work. You might have to fight your body by going on war with the treadmills and the bench presses. But then you should never give up. Just think about the next vacation you would be spending at home, watching test cricket, and sipping your coffee.

I would never suggest that everyone should consider taking up laziness. Because we do badly need people who love to work. We understand that these guys are endangered and hence we would make sure that we preserve them. People like me would always be there to help- suggest the shortest route to completion of a task that is possible.  The laziest person always comes up with the shortest and most effective solutions. I am sure the world has enough space for both the categories of people. Just that it is high time that the hard working sect start appreciating the contributions we give to the world. 

Song for the occassion: Yahan Alag andaaz hai, Jaise chidta koi saaz hai(TZP)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back on track


Have brushed out the dust accumulated in this one. Will keep updating it with movies, music and more.