Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keep Moving

“ People who go places are the ones who keep moving” - Heard this quote a long back while I was in school. I guess subconsciously I took a liking to this phrase. For, since then, I have been moving from one place to another like a nomad. Well, almost like one.

I was at the Bangalore airport when a guy asked me, “So, where are you from?”. I was stumped by the question. I could have blindly said trivandrum, where I was born and brought up. But I had left the place a decade back. I was living in Pune and was moving to Cochin on a transfer. And I was going via Bangalore. I really couldn't figure out an answer.

Moving from one place to another is mighty hard. You leave back everything of that place except the memories. The first few days it could be really hard on you. I almost felt, I have been given a punishment transfer. Once you live in a place for a long period, you start to associate yourself to that place like I did to Pune. And when I got out of the place, I felt misplaced. I felt like I am a misfit in the mallu land, where I had spent all my childhood. Strange but true. And may be if I were to leave this place to go to another, say, after 5 years, I might miss this place too.

You start with the people. The friends you have been hanging around with day in and day out. Suddenly when you are having dinner alone in a small restaurant, it hits you like a bullet. You wouldn't any more be cracking jokes with them or be on the lookout for a chance to pull each others' legs. The problem with growing up is that, making friends becomes really hard. You keep comparing new people with the people who have been with you for a long while. And if you are leaving your family behind to stay in the new place, then God help you.

The strange thing is that the things you craved for about another place, doesn't make too much difference when you get there. Like for instance, getting a good Dosa in Pune was like going on a treasure hunt. But here in cochin, I have access to Dosa more than I have access to my mail box! But still you tend to feel that when you get something after a bit of craving, it tastes much better!Now I have started missing poha! Even though I am in the heartland of amazing temples, I miss the DP road ganpati(whom I used to call Maula). The green is never good to us. It moves to the other side, as we move to this.

As I keep pondering over where I would “settle down” in life, I keep getting more confused. Every place has its pros and cons. So should I chose Bangalore's climate over Chennai's heat. Or should I chose Pune's feel home over Bangalore's congestion. Or should I stick to cochin's nearness to home over Pune's distance. Or should I choose Chennai's warmth over Cochin's laid back attitude. Tough call.

So let me end this post with a few random observations of the new place(Cochin).

>>People for some reason blink their eyes while smiling at you.
>>The florists display reeth(funeral flower) in front of their shops.
>>The bus drivers honk like a pianist playing his final act in a concert.
>>There are more bakeries than atms.
>>Shops close at 8.30 P.M and remain fully closed on Sundays.
>>Guys never insert their shirts into trousers/jeans.Girls wear jeans with kurta.
>>The word "Villa" must have originated from here, for the houses over here are sooo huge.
>>Liqour is available only in government run shops and the queue for buying it is never ending.

There are certain other observations that I rather not put on display in a public forum :)

Song for the Occassion: Idhar chala main , udhar chala, jaane kahan main kidhar chala!


Pistol Pete said...

couldn't agree with you more.. the security of the comforts from previous place and lifestyle just mocks your present and self chosen discomfort...
But days pass and we settle in the new routine...or at least one hopes...

hmmm said...

he he bus drivers honking their horns like the final act of concert!!!u were probably riding ur bike in front of them half asleep!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Nice observations..
would love to read the 'censored' observations too...mail me dude.. ;)

audi said...

good always :) And if you have a poll for the places to settle down, u knw extly wich one i wud vote for ;)

angel from heaven said...

Moving around is always difficult, new place , new friends to make , new work collegues.But I guess some people find moving and resettlinging easier than others.

Swatz said...

shall i suggest another song for the occasion;)...
......musaafirrrr hun ghar hai na thikaana...;):);)..

Swatz said...

shift to Bangalore;)...the strenous life there will take care of your weight too:P;)..weight and watch;)