Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say Cheese

I am sure the term was invented by Americans. Only they could have thought about food while smiling for a camera. So the whole world is busy clicking pictures, posing for photos and showing it to the world. I am no different too. I have more pictures in my laptops than songs. And trust me I have a huge collection of songs. I guess the digital era has somehow ruined the fun of posing for a photo.  We never had a camera in our house while I was in school. So posing for a photo was like winning a lottery. Probably most of this generation did not. And I guess everyone feels it is time to compensate!

One of the main hobbies of people these days is to click pictures and upload them on orkut and wait for others to comment on them. People are so obsessed with the whole idea, that every given opportunity they would want a snap of theirs to be clicked. One of the main intentions of people going on various trips is to click photos.  They go on a vicious circle of click-not good-erase/click – good – upload to orkut. And everyone needs a solo pic of theirs in whatever different locations/poses possible.  I will exclude the photographers who do it for passion from this list.

America is a land of opportunities. I am not sure it is a land of job opportunities any more but I am sure it still is a land of photographic opportunities. From the flowers of spring, to the beaches of summer, to the colors of fall, to the beauty of whiteness – it could be a photographer’s paradise.  And when you are on tour to the famous landmarks, which are called ‘Patel points’ here(Not sure why it is not a reddy point or a iyer point), you have to click photos to show to the world that you were at the statue or you were standing in front of one of the most attractive waterfalls.  You should be there to see people line up in front of a Universal Kingdom signboard or a bull for a snap. And the day they return from the trip, the pic would be there on their orkut.


Photos never show the real stories. It is always a ‘cheese’ pose everyone is in. You just cannot make out if two people posing in a pic just had a fight of their lifetime or a girl who is missing her soul mate who is somewhere else clicking a snap. But yes, for someone staying away from the family and friends, it could be useful. I will tell you where else it is useful. The matrimonial sites.  I was viewing the “requests” that my friend had received. Apart from being scared to death(for obv reasons), we had a gala time. The amazing posing that people do just makes me speechless.

I know it feels good, nostalgic to look back at the pictures. But in the process, you tend to forget  capturing  them in the memories. When you see a beautiful sunset, instead of staring into the red horizon we are looking at it through the apertures of the camera.  And instead of picturing it in our minds, we are running behind the cameras.  Pictures say a thousand words, they say. But what about the ten thousand ones that they don’t?  And since you are so addicted to the whole idea of smiling for a camera, it would be a good idea to think of life as a camera. 


Song for the occasion: Tu muskura jahan bhi hai tu muskura