Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of tag lines and Status messages

“College di gate ke is taraf hum life ko nachate hain, toh Dujji taraf life humko nachati hai ..Tim Lak lak te Tim lak lak”

Awesome dialogue that from RDB. And I decided to put it in my status message on my Gtalk. And a couple of days later I see it in my friend’s MSN messenger. I felt cheated and robbed. So much for being creative :)

The whole thing made me wonder. What is the deal with the status messages? They are meant to indicate whether you are available (for chat), busy, away or in a meeting or whatever. But open gtalk or any other messenger there will be a tail hanging on to everyone’s name. And there is orkut. People sacrifice putting their names and try to fit in a tag line there. Orkut eventually had to put a space below their names to put a tag line. But nobody seems to bother.

I dwelled deep into this. I took it as an assignment in fact to see and understand the deep thought process behind the purpose of putting these taglines. And eventually I am now being able to generalize them.

The Quotes: These are the most famous ones to be used in a tag line. Something somebody said accidentally and forgot about it for the rest of his/her life and it becomes a quotable quote. The effect of the quote would last on the reader, I bet, for not more than 2 seconds! Anyways, since it is the in thing, people spend hours together searching for a quote, a cheesy line or a catchy phrase. The logic behind this has to be that the catchier or the more encrypted the quote is, the more would be the people pinging/scrapping you to ask what that is. The people in this category would surely be bookworms.

The life: Life is tough. Life is hard. Life is beautiful. Life is wonderful. Life is complex. You can find the best of philosophers amongst these people. This is their way of expressing to others that they need attention. They sure would be thinking “My life is sad, please come and share the sorrow with me. Or my life is so happy that you should talk to me and ask about (not share) my happiness”. Most of these people would be single :)

The location: This is the closest that you can get to what you can call a status message. The lines would read something like “Out of town for a week”, “off to Chennai”. “Going to Las Vegas!!!!!!”(If you are in the US). As if the whole world is waiting with a pen and a diary to track their busy schedule in life.

The Attitude & the stupidity: This is the best place to show your attitude or stupidity. Especially the mean-girl ones. This is common more on the orkut tag line. These lines would read like “Attitude is what makes me, ME!”, “Do you think I care”, “Attitude makes the diff, and I have it”! and so on. If you have an attitude, show it, but not on paper. And there are the famous “Out of orkut” messages. And these guys login daily to check if somebody was bothered about them not being in the orkut.

The Admiration: When you appreciate something/someone so much, how do you express yourself? And how will you do it, if you want to tell it out to the whole world. The answer is right here – Tag Lines! Put it there ant he whole world would know that you are a die hard Sachin fan, you loved the way India played, you are a hardcore Rahmaniac, you loved a movie or a performance in a movie, and you cannot get over this song that you have been listening to. For these people the tag line becomes the place where you become a critic. They feel like they have become a column writer. And if the small space is not enough, these people would take to blogging, craving for some attention. Did you guess which category I belong to?! :P

So that is my list. Please do contribute to my research if you have any valuable suggestions or a crappy tag line you have come across.

AC brought up a valid point. Pasting his thoughts frm the comments:

The Tagless: We people have no tags.. And then people keep guessing what we are doing, where we are etc etc.. They don't know what philosophy we follow, so they can't decide how to behave with us..! They don't even know the things in our lives, so they don't know how to start the conversations! ;-) We don't promote movies, music, etc etc.. (Well, not through the tag lines..) So, they don't even know what to talk upon.. ;-)Such a tagless life.. We live..

Song for the occasion: Milo Wahan from Ada – well this song has nothing to do with the post. But this has been playing in my head in a loop. May be I should put it in my tag line!