Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amkarica Nahi Chikoo … America.

“Finally”. That was the one word I kept hearing from everyone during my Good bye sessions as I headed to Amkarika. The prestige issue that it is to make atleast one trip abroad as soon as possible in your work career. So the wind is still blowing and I am still being the leaf. This time autumn has come early.

The most common phrase you would hear on reaching here is “Welcome to America”: That coming from the Desis who have been here for some time. As if they were a true brown Rajastani welcoming the guests by singing “Patharoni Maro Des”. The place I have been put up is called Miamisburg. I jumped up and down thinking I would spend all my weekends in the beautiful beaches in Miami until I came to know that Miamisburg is a highly refined gaun, way away from Miami. People do not walk here. No bus, no rickshaws, no taxis. You have to own a car. And the silence kills you. From the horns and blasts that your ear is tuned to suddenly you enter this high silence zones, the brain gets a shock treatment. I am even thinking of writing a novel or something.

(Oh Please Vinod, please don’t torture us by putting up those too in this space. We are being courteous enough to read this).

And by the time I leave here I guess I would have said “hey”, “How r u doing”, “Thank you” each at least a million times. I am inventing a method each day of saying hi since I am supposed to say that to EVERYONE I come across, irrespective of time, place and more importantly acquaintance. Weird.

I listed down top 5 things that I surely would and would not do out here (Just for my reference).

I would …

1. Try and enjoy every moment. I found out lately that the best company I could have anywhere anytime is me myself. So the loneliness shouldn’t be much of a problem.
2. Work out like mad. Since there is a danger of inflating myself and eventually exploding.
3. Try and change my “non-liking” attitude towards this country.
4. Be in touch with each and everyone I was before coming here.
5. Save some money. Come on .. It is a big deal for me !

I wouldn’t …

Love my country any more or any less just because I am here. No missing the des ki mitti and all.
Fake accents to any desis. I am planning to use a chewing gum while talking to the clients.
Put up solo pics on Orkut posing in front of white house, niagra falls or any other famous stuff out here.
Lose track of hindi/tamil movies/songs.
Watch Swades.

Song for the occasion: Aa chal Doob ke dekhen/ Swargathilo njangal swapnathilo