Sunday, September 28, 2008


It’s been a while since I used MS Word. And for the nth time I thought of deleting the page. But then things keep happening in life and this page finds a reason to be there. At least for myself. 

Unlike every year this time around, I was not really having too much anticipation for the day of the year. I wasn’t bothered about who remembered the day and who did not. Although things did occur as they should. Buying new clothes, hoping for some magical intervention of the stars and the planets to turn the luck around on that day, getting bashed up, attending record breaking number of calls in the midnight etc etc. But there was calmness about the day which has never been there all my life. May be because I had few of my best friends around me to make me feel the way I did – Happy. In fact I worked on the opposite theory and called up a couple of friends of mine and said, “Are you forgetting something?” And then it was quite a fun to watch them feeling guilty about missing it completely.

Murphy tried hard to dampen the spirits. Losing way to the resort we were supposed to reach, my friends not finding a cake for me, my “high on spirits” friend breaking my new mobile phone. But nothing would bother me. Not even the fact that I just managed to scrape through another year without adding many pluses to the account book. And the smallest of dullness that the day always brings along (which has always amused me why) was blown over when I received the Bose headphones as a gift J


And now coming to why the day was so special…


Just like any other day I was whiling away time by browsing through the different movie sites. I was looking for movie trailers. And suddenly I bumped upon this new movie, of which I had never heard before, called Rock on. Seldom do you jump out of the seat watching a promo. It was one of those times. The background score from Lakshya, which I always had believed was Gold, played as a song. I decided I would watch this movie the first day come what may. And I went on to watch the trailer once a day, every day, in anticipation until the music album came out. Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy never failed to amuse me. This time they just blew everyone away with the best album of the year, the least to say. It has never happened that I ignored an album by Boss and was listening to something else instead. Rock on was worth it. It kept playing in a loop in my iPod. And the moment I heard the songs, I became a Farhan Akhtar admirer.  My neck has almost reached a breaking point with the amount of head banging I have been doing for the past month and a half.

August 29th came and I was searching madly for a theatre in the state I live in which would screen the movie. But as Murphy would have it, the movie did not release out here. I kept receiving calls from India saying how good the movie is and how I should watch it only in a theatre. Disappointment grew. I guess I could have handled a hear-break better! So I was reconciled to the fact that I would have to watch the movie on my 14 inch laptop screen. I thought I would at least watch the movie sitting amongst friends who were equally desperate for it. We even thought of going to Chicago which is a six hour drive. But then again, it was not ought to be.


The “Present” Day:

Like I mentioned, I was in trance the whole of the day. And at the end of the day, I decided to give myself a present. I put the Bose headphones on and played the movie . I would not want to review this movie. But this movie will be right up there in my favorites list. Many thought it is strange to give so much importance to a movie in one’s life. But when a movie depicts what you exactly want out of life, then it makes a bit of sense. Not that I left a band after college, but the whole concept of living a life for music, turns me on. The pain in Aditya’s’s life hits you like a rock. And the helplessness in the other three musician’s life makes you relate to it instantly. And when I heard the words, “Compromise kaun nahi karta”,  it felt like someone slapped me really hard. The movie might be predictable and might have shades of DCH, but at the end of the day, music takes over and gives it the freshness it needs. When Joe walks out to the stage to sing “zindbad the sailor”, I was screaming on mute! A simple message that comes across from the movie – Reclaim your life!

So if I ever were to wonder how I spent my 27th birthday, I just have to go back and watch the movie.


Song for the occasion: Rock On; Sindbad the sailor;pichle saath dino mein; Socha hai; Tum ho toh;Ye tumhari meri batein;Zahereeley;Phir Dekhiye





Vinz aka Vinu said...


Dont know the date exactly..whatever, belated happy birthday friend..!!
(Boss speakers, i envy you birthday is on 5th December.. ;))

Rock on was a great movie..yeah, there is hell lot difference between watching it on theatre and lappie...anyways, you didnt had much options...

the movie made me think..and now also..!! enjoying what we really love is something bliss.. escaping from this rat race will be a bliss..!!

Good luck buddy, someday you will find your way..!!


D said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I quite like the way you put the message of the movie across - "to reclaim life"!

Vinod R Iyer said...

@Vnz: It is hard to find that bliss !!

@D: But I really dont know how to :(

audi said...

- spell check "heart-break"...

- I didnt understand the mention of MS Word in the beg..wats was tht for?

- u mentioned my bday in ur bday post :D

- My gift to you - Rock-On ka DVD - come and get it when you land on indian soil :) cheers till then!

Vinod R Iyer said...

@Audi: Cant even spell it right ..dont even want to .. Lol

And thanks for the wonderful gift ... which you are gonna give :D