Friday, September 28, 2007

India Victorious ... Blissful words !!!

From a bowl out to lifting the cup – India victorious would be an apt title for this T20 world cup. The scene was just perfect for the final. I decided to watch it in office canteen with all my friends. It turned out that half of the office was thinking likewise! The stage was set. And I am lucky to have lived through the match since my heart was pounding at 1000 beats per min. The client who visited our office was amazed at the howling and screaming that was happening. What would he know about an Ind – Pak final. In fact nobody would right. I can’t remember watching one.

Only India could have brought a game like that to such a close finish. But luckily they didn’t choke as they usually do. And at the end they gave me one of the most memorable days of my life. Might sound weird how a match can be so important to one’s life. But yes, for me it was a memorable day. And I am sure it would be the same for a million cricket fanatics like me. It’s alright for sharukh miya to campaign for hockey in chak de. But it had to be cricket which brought the whole nation to the edge of their seats and leap up in joy. I understand other games have to be given importance too. But cricket is no more a game in our country, right?

And I also sincerely hope Indian fans behave better next time when our team looses. The concept of either raising them to the skies or stamping them to the dust is not what is called for.

Hail the game. Hail the Indian team.

(Damn yaar vinod. Every other post of yours would have to be on either music or cricket. Isn’t it ?!!)

Friday, September 14, 2007

A tale of 3 cities - Part One

To start with: This blog is not sponsored by any of the state tourism development boards.

India amazes me with its diverse lifestyles in different states. Not that I have traveled to each and every part of the country. I just wanted to share my point of view about the cities I have lived in. Again it is solely my POV.

Thiruvananthapuram – Huh – eighteen letter word that if you notice. I bet 90 pc of the non south Indians would pronounce it wrongly. God’s own capital it is. And trust me if that white secretariat building wasn’t built over there Cochin would have been the obvious choice for the state capital. A laid back city, with almost 90 pc of the people being Government employees. Wish I could say it is fast changing. Even with the whole country catching up on the software boom, Trivandrum is still sitting back and basking in humid sun. But no complaints. That might just be its charm at the end of the day.

So conservative is the place that you will have to hunt for girls in jeans. You would find most of the girls in Salwar Kameez(which they prefer to call churidar), with oil almost dripping out of their long laden hair. They carry umbrella even if it is not raining. I guess they use it as a protection to guard them against the eve teasers. If you were a girl walking around in tight jeans, be prepared for the eye-popping stares that would come from all around. The guys will be seen mostly in a trouser and a shirt. With the shirt not tucked in and their sleeves folded to the three – fourths. Older men and women adhere the strict dress code of saree and mundu(dhoti) respectively. And mundu(dhoti) for the love of God is not a lungi. High time the non south Indians realize this truth!!!

If you are planning to go into the city just try and go through a local paper or ask the rickshaw walas, for there is bound to be a strike or procession or march past which happens almost daily. I am yet to see a more rebellious bunch of people who take the full advantage of democracy. Whether it is good or bad: I will leave that debate to another day. Even though the politics affects the education in the city, I must admit that the education is of highest standards here. There are as many mallus heading to US these days as there are heading to Dubai.

Wow. Suddenly it looks like a place you can give a skip right? Wrong. If you are a nature lover this is one place you cannot skip. The place has 3 different sea shores (Heaven!!). The all famous Kovalam beach which is usually filled with foreigners, would not be my favorite. I prefer the Varkala beach or the beach at Veli. Nice and calm ones. Talking about a place in kerala and not talking about monsoon would be a crime. Just love it when it rains there. The whole place looks green and the soil smells awesome. The best time though to visit trivandrum is during onam. The whole place glitters in a festive mood. And if you are the religious types, please don’t miss out on Padhmanabha swami temple. Just to see this temple you can travel miles and get to Trivandrum. I was blessed to have lived two streets away from it all my life. I always believe that Trivandrum could be the perfect place to settle down after your retirement. I am sure even when I retire from my job and go the place would not have changed much. And it better not change!

(song playing in my mind right now – Wo kaagaz ki kashti wo bearish ka pani !! :( )

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yup ... This is a blog about nothing. No no. I haven’t run out of topics to write about. Nor am I opening up a notepad and typing everything that is in my Sub-Conscious mind. This is really about something that has been closely associated with my life for a while now – “Nothing”!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen. “Nothing” has emerged to be the winner, out of the whole set of words that I keep using in my day-to-day life. Lot of other words like “Pathetic”, “Boring”, “Ya right”(officially proclaimed as a word by myself), “crap”,”fuck”(oh come on!) etc etc came really close. But none of them could win over the word which is deeply rooted into my brains through persistence – “Nothing”. Lemme use them in context (like the good old English grammar days!)

Hi Vinod, Wats up? – Nothing
What r u doing these days – Nothing
You don’t have any work these days – No Nothing
What the hell do u keep thinking all the bloody while – Well, Nothing
So what did you do over the weekend – NOTHING
What plans for the weekend – Nothing special.
Sorry to hear that your onsite got cancelled. So what do you feel – Actually… Nothing!!
So what plans ahead – Nothing.
Not writing CAT this time – Nothing doing
What are you doing online all the time – Nothing (actual answer should have been reading some crap someone wrote)
So why don’t you do something worthwhile in life – There is Nothing to do.
What have you done for the past 3 years after taking up the job – Nothing important I can remember.
Any new girl in life? – Nothing .. Oops did I just say nothing ?!
Why do you keep changing your profile name on orkut – Nothing else to do, that’s why
So what are you gonna write about next – Nothing

As they say after winning the highest honors, the champion tends to loose interest in competing. (Read the previous sentence as I got bored with the word nothing) So that’s it. “Nothing” goes out of my mental dictionary for a while now. But ya, it would keep making guest appearances to facilitate some of the English usages. But I sure wouldn’t be answering a question with “nothing” being used in it.

Well .I have nothing more to say. Err .. Bad habbits die hard. Give me some time people !!!

Heard this amazing song by Linkin Park lately. And they have written it just for people like me. If you really want to let out some pressure from within just sing along with this song!The whole album rocks!!

Wake in a sweat again
Another day's been laid to waste
In my disgraceStuck in my head again
Feels like I'll never leave this place
There's no escape

I'm my own worst enemy

I've given up...
I'm sick of feeling
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all awayI'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!

I don't know what to take
Thought I was focused but I'm scared
I'm not prepared
I hyperventilate
Looking for help somehow somewhere
And no one cares

I'm my own worst enemy

I've given up...
I'm sick of feeling
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all awayI'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!


Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my..
Put me out of my fuckking misery!

I've given up
I'm sick of feeling
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck isWrong with me!