Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's not only about Aug 15

It is strange how Patriotism is at its peak in our county when Independence Day or Republic day comes around. Not sure if it is due to the high point created by the media or is it a true sense of freedom and emotions attached to it that brings about this. I would think it is the former. What ever said and done, Patriotism sells in the e-world. Be it the “60 years of independence” celebrated by CNN IBN or NDTV’s “India Shining”. Times Now in fact started the campaign after January!

It is either the occurrence of these two days or a cricket match or a movie on patriotism; Chak de being the latest offering. I have no complaints. It is an amazing movie. And shot with so much passion. Banking on one brand name called Sharukh Khan, the movie was a great effort to showcase the state of affairs of sports and games in India. I indeed developed a huge amount of respect for all the sportspersons across the country, who leave everything and follow their passion for their respective sport. What I really loved in the movie was the scripting of the dialogues. While a player from Meghalaya says “ Apni desh mein mehman banke rahna tujhe pasand aayega?”, the player from Andhra says, “ Madrasi or Telugu mein itna hi fark hai jitna Punjabi aur bihari mein hai”. All in all a good watch.

The movie made me feel good about my country. All in the hall were whistling and clapping at SRK’s love for the country filled dialogues. I am sure all felt good about the country. But the problem is that ten minutes after we get out of the movie hall we tend to forget all that. It just becomes yet another patriotic movie which hails the spirit of India. Same is the case with Aug 15th or Jan 26th. I am sure not many still know the importance of Jan 26th. I know we all celebrate being Indians when we win a cricket match or some odd medal at an international sports event. But is that really enough?

I am not saying everyone should go and join army! But if we can perform the small little duties of a citizen, we might just go a long way. Whatever said and done, India is truly shining. The economy is booming even though the dark side of poverty still looms around. But if at this point we could contribute one bit to the nation’s development then there is no stopping us for the next 60 years as well. I wish we all could fell the same way we feel for the country as on the Independence Day more often and not just on those days.

Jai Hind.