Thursday, June 28, 2007

If music be the food of love, Play on ....

Well it is easy for Shakespeare to say that !!!

I was standing at the signal waiting for it to turn green. A Honda city came and stood beside me. The music in the car was so loud that I could hear the slightest of the instruments being used in the song. And there I was sitting on my bike, the raindrops smashing against my face and with my headphones on, listening to "In dino dil mera", from metro. Just a wish passed by my mind how nice it would be to sit comfortably in that car and listen to the song. Not that I spare any chance to get wet in the rain, but this time I just wished that I could hear the songs once not using my headphones.

Then I turned to my left. There was this guy peeping out the window of a PMT bus. I could feel that he was wishing for something similar to what I did. May be he was wishing that he could afford to buy an mp3 player and a bike! And there was this other kid sitting on the roadside in heavy rain trying to sell his balloons. Somehow I felt that he was also wishing something looking at me.

Music has always been a vital part of my life. I have to listen to music no matter what I am doing. Even while studying I used have songs playing in the background. I was almost thrown out of the exam hall for humming a tune while I was writing a semester exam.

This small little episode made me think. What if someone like the kid wanted to hear songs? Where would he listen? Of course he would have all the latest songs played in the radio. But what if he wanted to hear different kinds of music. Where would he get to hear that? He obviously has to keep himself happy with Himesh bhayya’s nasal numbers.

Then I remembered another incident that had happened. I was in my salon for a hair cut. Arman, the guy giving me a head massage was singing(almost whispering) an old kishore kumar number. My mobile phone started to ring the tune of RDB background score and I cut the call immediately. Then Arman asked me curiously,

“Ye tune kahan se mila” .
I said “ Ye RDB ka hai. Picture ke background score mein aata hai” .
He said “ Haan malum hai … 5-6 baar dekhi hai picture. Lekin ya ringtone kahan se mila?” .
I said trying to be modest “ Mein ne composer se banaya hai” .
He wasn’t quite amazed as I thought he would be and said “ Sahi hai. Mujhe bhi sikhna hai usmein compose kaise karte hain. Mere paas ek chota sa piano hai. Mein usi mein practice karta tha. Ab kharab ho gaya na is liye practice nahi kar paa raha hun”.
I almost offered him my 5 n half octaves keyboard which has been lying untouched for the past year or so. My friend once thought it was an ironing stand! I didn’t know whether to feel bad for Arman or to be ashamed of myself.

The horns of the huge truck standing behind me brought my attention back to the signal. It was green. And I moved on. My mp3 player sang ..

“Berang si hai badi zindagi kuch rang toh barun.
Mein apni tanhayi ke waste ab kuch toh karun.
Jab mile thodi fursat khud se kar le mohobbat” !!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hai ye onsite !!!

“Oh. So you have been working for two years now? U didn’t get to go onsite yet???!!”

If you are a software engineer and you have been around for a while, this would be the question you would be dreading the most. And being “just another software engineer”, I am no different.

For once and for all let me try and answer them …

“Well …. They sent me to the airport with a ticket, visa and stuff. The couch in the airport was so cozy that I slept there and missed the flight. After that they wouldn’t let me fly.”

And when people hear that I rejected an onsite offer on the first year of my career I have to literally hold their jaws from falling down. It is not that I do not want to visit amkarika or lundon. Yes, it would be a great pleasure to see the world at company’s cost. Anything to do at company’s cost gives me great pleasure. But do I really want to live a life out there in the stranger land? I would say no. This is surely not a self defense tactics I am using here. But the dollars, the cars, the fun, the strip clubs do not lure me as much. I could live here!

Rather than going to a single place and earn a lot of money, I would rather go to different parts of the world on short trips. Well “just another software engineers” cannot dream of such things. Actually … They can only dream of such things.

So what is with the “just another” tag? What do these people do?

We are mechanized to jump from one project to another hoping to set your foot down initially. We can sit staring at the computer screen the whole day and still can go back home and play orkut-orkut. You are driven by a magic wand called your manager who decides where you career/life is going to head. Then we start seeing people going to amkarika and suddenly a gush of ego/jealousy/ greed comes into us and we start craving for that one trip outside the country. Then when you get there we start missing home. Then we come back to get married to a traditional Indian girl/US based guy. Then we go back to amkarika and start looking for a green card. Then we stay there for five years and come back to become a manager. Meanwhile the next set of engineers is ready to follow your footsteps. We have forgotten what it is to meet different people in the life. We do not know how to have fun over the weekends. Whenever we take vacation we go back to “home” and eat mamma’s food and come back. The utmost creative thing we can do is to write crappy blogs.

So would I be a Mohan Bhargav and let go of the offer that comes my way?

If I do become anything else than just another software engineer, I surely would love to become a Mohan Bhargav.

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Far far away land !!

The Shrek effect has bowled me over. I have never been a fan of comics apart from the few mallu comic books that I used to read. The maximum I would go would be a Tinkle. My fairy tale world would consist only of the mayavis and the shikar shambus. Suddenly as I was watching Shrek-3, I realized I have missed out on a lot.

The movie was not about some super powers shrek has. It is about this fairy land . Far far away land. The land consisting of Cinderella, Snow white, sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, Big Bad Wolf, the Gingerbread Man, and Pinocchio. Was an over doze for me. Imaging what it would be for the kids who follow all the comics. Also there are the villains - Captain Hook, the Wicked Queen, a Cyclops,rumpelstilskin, Headless horse man, black knights, evil dwarves and the best of all the evil magical trees. Loved the way the trees land themselves while flying to attack the land.

There was no big storyline in Shrek 3 unlike the previous two versions. But I still would like to believe that this is the best of the 3 parts that have come out. It is not only about Shrek, Fiona, Puss and Donkey. But it is more of a celebration of the land. Not to mention the amazing animations. With such impeccable precisions the characters are picturised. And the best part of the movie was showing how every villain has a softer part in him/her. The headless monster says, “ I always wanted play flute!”. May be the terrorists of the world can learn a thing or two from the movie. They also would not want to be villains for ever! And of course you can expect nothing but a happy ending to a fairy tale.

Suddenly after watching movies like Ice age, shrek I fell like I am making up for what I missed in my childhood. That one and half hours transforms you into a kid. There would be no difference between you and the 7 yr old kid sitting next you in the movie screen. Just leave the blues and blacks happening around you in the world and takes you to the Far far away land!