Sunday, April 29, 2007

The World Cup That Wasn't

So that’s it. We should just have handed over the cup to them and saved an awful lot of money. The Caribbeans would disagree with me I guess. But honestly I hope WC never goes there again. I mean, did you see the quality of the grounds? It was like the roads of pune. Dust flying all around the place. Not only from the pitch, but also from the outfields!! And not a single Day n Night game!! Sad it was.

Not that I saw each and every match. In fact, I did not see even a single match fully. I remember I used to wake up at 5 in the morning during the ’92 WC. This would be one WC, which would fade away from everyone’s memory very soon (If it already hasn’t). Except for Gilchrist’s knock there was nothing worth watching, no great bowling performances, not a single catch to remember. And more importantly, apun log nahi they L. Ok. I am not going to join in the bashing party. I was saddened by India’s exit. But not to the extent that, I abuse a great player like Sachin who has given his life for playing the game. I am a fan and will remain loyal to him.

Once India was out, I wished that either SA or Kiwis would win the cup. But it was not to be. I guess only India or Pak in their prime form would have been able to challenge the Aussies. Well let us not talk about their form here. But in a way I’m happy that SL did not win it. Their arrogance would have gone up. As far as the Aussies go, well, their arrogance cannot go up anymore.

May be it was India’s exit that brought down the enthusiasm level of people watching the game all over the country, but I still believe that it was a world cup to forget. Exit of two probable cup winners in the first round, a murder and an unbeatable team would be the story of this world cup.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boss is here

The Tamil movie industry is buzzing!! After a long long time it has got a reason to do so. It is one name which would drive thousands in the southern part of the country excited that is in the news. Mr. Sivaji Rao alias Rajinikant. And when the movie is named after his original name, the excitement just gets better. It’s just getting started. All the big names are coming together. Shankar, AVM, Rajini & A.R.Rahman !!

Before I get into the Rahman praising mode just wanted to bring forth a thing I noticed.
While one part of the country is going ga ga over the name Rajinikant, I just noticed that the people in other parts are not so. It’s strange how a hero, a superstar, a kingmaker in one part of the country is perceived as a comic character in the other part. Just the mention of his name brings smiles to their faces. For, they are not aware of the experience that one goes through while watching a Rajini movie. Still remember going with an injured leg to the theatre to watch the first day first show of ‘BABA’. Although the movie was a pain, just the experience of watching a super hero being hailed was itself was amazing.

When I say he is a kingmaker I really mean it. I mean, this guy has the power of SRK & Big B put together. He has scripts written specifically for him, dialogues specially written for him, action scenes specially designed for him… Cant think of anyone in the world probably who would have such a privilege!! He even has music in his movies designed for him .... which reminds me ..

Have been listening to the songs in the movie. Boss is here again( Rahman ofcourse). But again as I said the album is designed for Rajini!! A typical Rajini album starting with an intro song, Ballellakka, by SPB. Followed up with a punch song, athiradee, sung this time by Rahman. And accompanied by Sayonara. Wonder where Rahman finds these amazing singers from. Sahana/Sahara & Vaaji vaaji are pretty ordinary songs when it comes from Rahman. Why on earth does Udit narayan have to sing a Tamil romantic song when there are dozens of talented ones here. Even I could have done better justice to the song!(Err…). With Baba rap taking off so well it was well expected that there would be a Blaze number in the album and it really is a Blaze number. But for me the song of the album is Style. Just for the fact that it breaks the Rajini album trend. I mean who would have thought of Hip hop song for Rajini. Loved it. Hail Rahman!!(That’s the zillionth time I am saying it!) Cant wait to watch the songs in the theatre. With Shankar and Rajini together working the magic, it sure will be a roller coaster. Watch out for the Background scores.

Whatever whoever says about Rajini, he sure is a star. I am not a die hard fan or anything but I do admire the man for the following he has created for himself. So I have started to practice whistling.

Hero hero heradi hero. Staro Staro nee superstaro….

Monday, April 9, 2007

It's new !!!

It’s been a year now since I have started blogging . Thought would give a new look to the whole thing. First of all wanted to change the boring url “vinodisblogging”!!
And since I have moved into a new house and a new office I thought I would move my blog too !!!

Thanks to all who have been viewing and have been commenting in my blogspace.

Have preserved all your comments in the new space too ...

Keep blogtrotting!!:)

Err that goes in as the smallest blog I have written :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

No quarter given ...none taken

Yes, it has been a while since I scribbled something down. For a change this time, I was busy with work!! But the actual reason is that I had nothing to write about. I am an impulsive writer and just cannot open the word pad and stare at it thinking what to type.

Ok…Enough of the introduction. Those are always boring! Coming to the point…

Have you heard the phrase quarter life crisis? I hadn’t till lately, when a friend of mine told me about this. They say this is the time for you to remain in a state of confusion whatever you do in your life. I usually don’t relate to these psychological ideologies. But had to give this a thought since I am experiencing it. Not only me. But people who I know who are in their mid twenties seem to have been bitten by it.

So what is the big fuss about the mid twenties? In more than a way it decides where your life is heading. And if you are not happy with what you are doing with your career the issue worsens. And that is just the beginning of the list of problems that I am encountering. And so are the others. Was just trying to list down the problems, which are common and apparent. Some of these are from the numerous blogs I visit too. And the top 25 are ….

Where is my career heading
What am I doing in this office
Why is my salary so low
Why is it that I always get such pathetic rating
Should I jump now or wait a lil longer
Should I switch industry and follow my passion
When will I go onsite
Should I go back to India now? But who will give me such money and luxury
How the hell do I get into a B school without preparing
Should I do a PG …part-time?
What should I invest in
Where should I settle down
For the singles community….When will I find him/her
Why am I the only one who is single!
Should I get married now
Should I go hunting in Orkut
Am I becoming too fat
If you have found someone already .. Why cant she/he just say YES!!
Why is it that I who compromise often
Will this work out? Will both the parents agree?
Should I just chuck him/her and make my parents happy
Should I give him/her up for my career
Is he/she really the one!!
Shouldn’t I do something for the country (At least I mull over this)
Will India win the world cup!!

Was watching the weekly show “Young Turks” on CNBC India the other day. And it just struck me that there are people who overcome this phase very easily. And probably that is why they are featured in the show for being successful.

There are people who are content with what they have. Very few I would say. There are people who take control of their lives and get what they want. And there are others like me who are just like a leaf floating in a wind. Even a Gayle wouldn’t disturb us for we would wait for it to pass and start floating again allowing the wind to take us wherever it wants to rather than making the wind to carry us where we want.

You don’t have to be a Libran to be confused at 25!! Most of them find an answer to these questions as their life progresses. But seldom have I seen people who take this as a phase of their life and enjoy it. I guess that includes me too. But I am trying..

Let me signoff with the two of my current favorite one liners..

It takes little to reclaim your life!!

Life is calling …Where are you!!

Ps: Couldn’t resist mentioning the song that has been playing umpteen number of times in my music player - Tose naina laage from Anwar. If you haven’t heard it, then please do. From a lesser-known composer called Mithoon the track is mesmerizing. Kshitij the male voice in the track is talent to watch for and as for the female voice of Shilpa Rao ..All I can say to her is ….Will you marry me ?!! :)

Comments others had were:

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

1st time here :) Nice blog and ur post on dec 12 was too good :)

Keep writing!

Divs said...

I guess its back with a bang! :) Nice post. I think there are other people who phase that 'quarter life crisis' even without comin under the 'mid twenties' category, but not necessarily with the same set of questions ;-) Maybe we're all always confused abt something or the other in life...! So, enjoy the confusion! If you're confused, it means you're thinking, and its not bad to think a tad :)

Liked the one liners!

aditi said...

hmmm..good to know that you are back..nice blog..and you can count me in for the quarter life crisis !!

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

woah, you've taken a break! :)
i agree with divs on the confusion thing though.
confusion happens at every stage.. no one is really settled at any point till.. say forty i wud say. lol... and whats worse is when you find any of your contemporaries all set and you're still scratching at the scalp, clueless. that sure is scary :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ponnarasi: Thnks a lot ...

Divs: Evolo easy ya sollitte :) ...

Aditi: We all do , dont we ?!

Shruti:Scary it is :(

shakti said...

yeah..thank god.:)

Vibhanshu said...

I guess these questions plaque all of us these days. Some of me and my friends call it quarter life crisis. the problem that arises out of knowing too much and doing so little :)

_audi_ said...

good one...impressed :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shakti: Did nt get u !!

Vibanshu: Welcome to the club !

Audi: Thank u thank u thank u :)

Main Shaayar Toh Nahi.....

Aadhi Raat ki ye khamoshiyan,
Lati hain yadein un suhane lamhon ki
Badi zalim hoti hai ye tanhayiyan,
Aankhen bandh karte hi dikhati hai jhalak un nigahon ki.

Keyed this down in my mobile @ 1 A.M . The melancholic strains of ae ajnabi playing in my mp3 player brought back some distant memories.

Sher-o-shayari – An art, which I had quite a liking to. I still do. But may be not with the same passion. There are times in your life when the stupidest of the shers would sound amazing. Yup. You got it right .The time when you "fall" in love. I still am not sure if it was love. But it was something like it. And there I was writing poetry (if you could call it that).

I love collecting these shayaris. And since "someone" liked sher-o-shayari, it was more of a reason to do so. I liked the idea of expressing thoughts in a rhyme. But the problem was my hindi :) . I was not as bad as a south Indian would usually be at hindi. But the gender problem was very much there. Trying to overcome that, I ventured into an unknown territory. The problem arose when I just couldn’t write sensible things. Most of the sher I tried to write would end up being those bimar ashique wala stuff (Arrey samjho na…Impress jo karma tha madam ko). And since it was literally only words that all I had to take her heart away, tried writing some shers myself. When I look back at some of them today, I have a good laugh. Here are some samples –

Koi ek ho jo hum keh sakthe hain humare
Kaash hume bhi mil jaye kahin se koi ishaare
Sab dosthon ne apni humsafar doond li hai
Bus hum hi rah gaye hain aaj tak kunware.

Sota raha aapke khwab dekhthe hue raath bhar.
Ab din aaya toh kya hua, koi tikana nahi is khwab par.

Dil karta hai aaj bheeg jane ko,
Pani ke boondon mein kho jane ko.
Bhar gaya hai man suraj ki tapish se,
Koi jaake kahen baarish ko aajane ko.

Shukar hai bhagwan ka, Usne duniya gol banaya hai
Jitni duur wo gayi utni paas bhi toh aayi hai...

Sharaab ke nashe mein kya rakha hai
Kabhi mohobat karke toh dekho
Sharaab ka nasha tho yun nikal jata hai
Pyar ke nashe se ubharkar toh dekho

Tum bhi wahi ho,Main bhi yahi hun
Phir ye faasle kyun bad gaye
Ab tak ke safar mein toh saath chale
Ek mod aa jane par tum kyun mud gaye

Tere bina jiya hai, tere bina aur bhi ji lenge
Is tute hue dil ko Kisi aur ke dil se si lenge

Yes, I totally agree with you. I suck at it :) . And I should leave sher-o-shayar to the professionals.But after a long time when a sher occurred to me it just took me back in time. Nostomania spares no one I guess. And I visited back those pages where I scribbled these things. It was a funny feeling. I did not know whether to be emotional about it or laugh at myself.

Comments others had were:

padma said...

"And I visited back those pages where I scribbled these things. It was a funny feeling. I did not know whether to be emotional about it or laugh at myself.".....

i go through the same feeling when i read my diary entries...the crushes,the guys in coll,things i did to impress few ppl,fights with friends,heartbreaks,bunking classes...all that...
a good blog!

Anonymous said...

of course u`re gud!! u`ve a doubt kya?

Ramaa Iyer said...

U r gud but hey you too Vinod? :)

aditi said...

I too am no judge of sher-o-shayari..but can say one thing for are good at it ..and there's no problem with the hindi either.Moreover, as long as they convey the message...what more do u want?...what say ;-)

divs said...

people who've commented here really seem to appreciate your stuff...seems like good. But hell, i cant deny i laughed! Like hell :) nice entertainment! But its really nice to know that a girl can still make a guy do that ;-) Nice post

Vinod R Iyer said...

Padma: We all do I guess. Thnks

Ano: Err... now that you are saying ..I have a doubt :)

Ramaa: What to do!!!

Aditi: What say ? Whatever u say !! :)

Divs: Well what can I say .. Hope u had a great time :)

All in a Day's Work

(A tribute to George Costanza)

7.30 A.M: Snooze..... Thanks to the guy who invented it. After watching the pathetic Dhoom2 last night how am I supposed to wake up so early...... Was I really gaping at Hrithik yesterday in the movie? Or was it a dream. Damn man. The guy looks coo!!!Err.. I shouldn’t be saying that. I am straight!!...... God!! Run Vinod run. Bus driver is not your uncle.

9 A.M: “Gosh, Yet another day at office. How do people do this for years together? I should think about retirement now!!........ Look at the dress the guy is wearing!! For heaven’s sake somebody tell him he is not here to act in a bhojpuri movie..... The long walk now to my seat. Fake smiles through out....... I wonder what this guys thinks about me! Cool guy ? Over acting asshole? Whatever! Who the hell cares!”

9.30 A.M: Have to check my compensation letter.Damn.... Peanuts man!! Why the hell am I still here?.....People’s mood has changed abruptly. The guy who smiled at me in the morning is not smiling anymore. Why is it all about the money, honey? Well actually I can live with this. It is when you start looking into other’s wallet that one gets greedy.

12 Noon: Kyun Vinod? Kuch kaam nahi hai ?”. Fake smile. What difference does it make to you? I earn as much as you without doing any major work. And when I get work sometime in future, I will try to find a way out of it. Let me call my gang out for a tea.

1.15 P.M: Thank god I have got a good gang of friends here. Else lunchtime would have been boring.

2 P.M: zzzzzzz.

2.30 P.M: Hope my manager didn’t pass by. They should give us sleep breaks after lunch breaks. It’s not my fault. It has been inculcated in me from my UKG. The teacher taught us to sleep after lunch.

3 P.M: Damn. Some work. Why does all the work come only in the evening.

4 P.M : This cannot get over today. So why bother sitting over it now. Let me start it tomorrow afresh. Tea time !!! Err ..Coffee Time!! I should reduce drinking so many coffees a day. Damn I am putting on so much weight. Aise hi gaya toh I will be one uncle. Fat,Bald and lazy. Who cares? I am the way I am!! Would the girls care?? Ahh ..Forget it.

6 P.M: Hurray. Time to go home. But what would I do going home. TV? Browse? Worldspace? I should start working out from today. No. May be tomorrow!

7 P.M: Ahh …My one hour of relief.

9 P.M: What would the bai have made today. God please let it not be daal chawal….!!!Pleaseee…..
Dal Chawal it is!! Thank you god!!

10 P.M: Should I call someone for time pass? No my bill is shooting up!! Should I take up the books to prepare? The exam season is not over yet! How can I study when I m so tired after office work. Will start from tomorrow. And am I talking to myself too much these days? Is it bad to do so? ..........Whatever!!

10.30 P.M: Wow. It is cold. I love to hate this winter season. May be I should go out for a ride. But what if I catch a cold?

10.45 P.M: Did I lock the house properly? Wow. It is so calm and cold. Wish there was a girl sitting at the back seat....I should buy a car. Long drives are better than short rides!!

11.15 P.M: Time for some news. Damn these news channels. How can they be so unprofessional? Hyping up every single news they could get.

12 P.M: That was a long day. I should do something different tomorrow.

Time to sleep. Well not yet

Comments other had were:

Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey typically my kind of day.>Wat wudn't i do to get outta this grind :)

scipio said...

It should have rather been a tribute to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich"

scipio said...

err... :)

San said...

Hrithik - oh good lord if you're waking up to thoughts about him i'm hoping it's all a nightmare

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ramaa: Tell me if u do find a way out. I will surely tell u if I do :)

Scipio: Have heard about it.Have nt got to look yet. Will try to :).But George is my personal favourite!! :)

San: Chill. I m still on the greener side :)


Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light. STOP!! Not rocket science, is it? Well for 90% of the people it is!! It amuses me how the rules and regulations does not matter them at all. They just would not stop their vehicle unless there is maamu standing at the other side of the signal with his left palm itching.

I live in Pune, a pretty urban and developed city. But the road sense I see in people around me is absolutely atrocious. Try stopping for a signal in which no policeman is standing, and your eardrums will go for a ride from the non-stop horns coming out of the vehicles behind you. Watch out for any lorries standing behind you. Since their horns might cause permanent damage to your ears. I guess they require announcing their arrival with some ultrasonic sounds. My friends tell me that I should take a trip to the cities in U.P & M.P then I would not complain about this kind of traffic.

You can argue the fact that even a city like Pune does not have good enough infrastructure. The roads are bad, many of the junctions are without signals, the policewala who is supposed stand near the signal stands at the near by pan shop, there are no proper lanes, there is no stop line, seldom do you find sign boards, you have to give due respect to the cats and cattle walking in the middle of the road………..The list is big.

All said and done isn’t there a moral responsibility in you to ride properly and let others do the same. I know all of us have non-stop meeting schedules to cover as we rush at 80 Kmph and jump all the red lights coming on the way. But can’t they understand that if they follow all the rules they would probably create lesser traffic jams and reach faster in turn.

The problem remains that we Indians are great “adjusters”. Whatever happens thoda adjust karne se kya jaata hai!! Why should anybody bother to follow rules? What if they do not have a driving license? We are all born with a bribing license. Jump signal, over speed, walk when you are not supposed to, don’t carry a license, go in the opposite direction in a one way, we have a simple solution to all of these – A fifty Rupee Note.

This is where the tag line of our country comes into play. “Is country ka kuch nahi hoga yaar”: A lame boneless thing to say in the most powerful democracy of the world. If you cant do anything about the country then why don’t you call back the British to do the needful. I know I cannot change the whole countries thought process. But there is a glimmer of hope in this country with the young and the restless thinking about the country much more than the earlier generations did. Changing the mindset of a whole nation is close to impossible. But if you can try to change ten people around you, it would make a huge impact.

So what is the solution to the road rage? I swear I do not have a clue. But at least I thought I should do my bit by stopping at red light. I try to stand right in the middle of the road so that I can block at least 3-4 people behind me from skipping the signal. If at all I am caught for not carrying any documents, I try to get a proper receipt for the fine imposed and also would ask the cop which section I am booked under. This is one area in which I respect the West. The ticket system is so organized that you would think a thousand times before skipping a signal. Since achieving that is a bit too far away, we can at least start by showing some self discipline while we are on the road. Trying to know what the rules are that govern you. As a small little step towards it you can try to go through the link below that I found which has the different sections under which you can be booked while driving/riding a vehicle in India.

Rather than bribing, try to know the section under which you are booked and get a receipt for the same. And try to resist from jumping the signal and if you are really interested block others from doing so too. Drive Safely!!

Comments others had were:

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

bad infrastructure is one thing.. bad manners, quite another :)
well said.. if we stop to think once everytime we take to the roads, our cities would be so much the better for it. it aint like these are hidden truths. no one just bothers.

Divs said...

Its great that you do the things u do... the receipt and stuff. Some lines about changing the system in the middle reminded me of rang de basanti! We definitely cant change the country... i guess the next time i stand at a signal, i'll think of this post :)

Ramaa Iyer said...

Can't help it Vinod..Believe me the scene is something similar in Chenaai.Can't stop bribery in the grass root level which is where the problem actually lie

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shruti: All I am saying is Let us not be in the list of "no one who bothers"

Divs: Quite a compliment that. And yes, RDB has been an inspiration to many.

Ramaa: Ofcourse we cannot stop bribery overnight. But we can take it upon us that we will not bribe ...

barbi said...

found u from ramaa iyer's blog. are u his brother?

the number of accidents is increasing and the number of lifes lost besides injuries is painful.

it requires a basic sense called discpline. wat is gonna happen if i wait that 3 seconds in which orange turns green.
most stupid people hurry. hang them!

Aparna.G said...

Hehe! Very true maan! Very true! But, tell me, do you follow the rules @ all times, no matter where you are going??? Be true to yourself.. I think you should set an example for others.. & watch 'Traffic Signal' - you get a whole new perspective to what happens @ the signal!!

I say, lets start a revolution! Be it Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai Or Blore - all the metros, and now, as you say it, even non-metros are highly indiscplined people! There must be something we can do about it!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Barbi: All iyers are not brothers and sisters mate :) .. She is just a blog friend of mine..

And yes cant agree with u more

Aparna: Revolution ...Count me in ...

King Julian said...

Hi Vinod,

Great post - I've been living in Pune for the last four years and every single word rings true. Thanks for the link - I've bookmarked it and sent to the other people in my group at work.

You might find this hilarious, but there are cases where people pay more than the actual fine out of ignorance, thinking that they are saving money by not asking for a receipt. Hope we can slowly change the system by convincing everyone to pay the actual amount and get a receipt.

Prince Kazarelth said...

Ha! Come to Calcutta and say that!!
Meh, well. Being a driver in Calcutta is tough...

Good blog you got here...

Uma said...

Like they say in RDB.. "Welcome to India" Vinod !

No one is proud of the bribe culture we have here. But I dont think, anyone does anything about it either.

I am sorry..I am not pointing fingers..I am generalizing ..and that includes me as well !

By the way..thank you for your comment on my blog !

Vinod R Iyer said...

King:Great to know that the link was useful

Prince:Lets just say .. Driving in India is an art !!

Uma: Lets raise our voice rather than pointing fingers. Thanks for dropping by

GPL - Ab aur kya kya dekhna padega!!

Did you get to watch this new show on MTV called GPL ? This is one of the most absurd shows I have ever seen in my life. As the Indian media gets a rush of the reality shows, this show comes in as yet another trial to increase their TRPs. The concept is that two people will try and woo this guy or girl who eventually they would get to date! It is usually two guys trying to fight for a girl or two girls trying to fight for a guy. At the end the guy/girl gets to choose which person he/she wants to go out with. They call it MTV Gehre Pyar pe Laath. I would call it Reality shows ke naam pe dhabba. I am not talking in a cultural or ethical view point. But the whole idea itself is so yucky that I would consider it as a disgrace to MTV.

In the episode I saw, there were these two girls who would literally fight amongst each other like dogs do in mating season!! One girl was showing her dancing and singing skills while the other had a beach game with this guy. And I can’t see why on earth one would want to participate in such a show. I always go around saying that my life is heading nowhere. But seeing these guys, I get a big breath of relief.

MTV is supposed to represent the gen next. And if this is our gen next then god save our country.

Comments others had were:

Hiren said...

You can say that again.

Teal said...

i dont get MTV. al thanks to bloody CAS!
but i wudnt watch such a show either.. geee-sus!

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

reality shows just seem to portray reality in very unfavourable terms dont they! God save gen-next

Vinod R Iyer said...

Hiren:Yes, and it is the fact !

Teal:Thanks for dropping by my blogspace.You wouldn't watch it a second time for sure !

Shruti: Thanks for dropping by my blogspace...Not all.But most of them are turning out to be just planned things being incacted!!

Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey Vinod..Nice blog you have got here & btw we seem to share the same taste in music :)

San said...

But such programmes do work and even though they don't cater for everyones needs they do count for that small fraction who actually watches such programmes.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ramaa: Thanks. Do we? Thts cool

San: Hmm ..may b it does. But surely is an insane idea!!

Aparna.G said...

O! so, thats what the show was abt! I saw it in mute on MTV while surfing thru blogs!

I swear, if this is on MTV, what happens to Gen next? Even if this is not what they r thinking, they wil now!! So much for progressive thoughts!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Aparna: Cant agree more. I wish my TV was on mute too :)

I killed the Cat

Yes, I have finally killed it. (Read it properly… I didn’t say I have cracked it!!).

The exam season has started and started with a bang this time. It is the mother of all exams CAT that is first in line. This is the third time I am attempting the CAT. It is almost like a part of my life now. Come November and there I am trying to find a way into the bus, which is a short cut to success. And this time it has to be my best attempt. Given that I could win over my stupid, dumb, lazy conscience and take those books in my hand to prepare. The first time around, it was more of a trip to Chennai that prompted me to write it. Then I got into the big, dead world of software industry. So gave a shot at CAT again last year thinking that miracles do happen (I later realized that 90% of the people over here thought the same). Come on, if miracles do not happen, then the faith of people in miracles would go away!! This time it was a more stream lined effort. I am not saying I have been burning mid night tube light for the past 6 months. But ya by my standards, I did put in a lot of effort.

It was amazing to see the responses of the people when I told them I am giving the CAT again. My friends were celebrating the fact that I had hit a hat- trick. One of my friends called me up in the morning of the day of the cat and said “Many many happy returns of the day man!!!”. I laughed my head out. Yet another response was “Why don’t you give the money to charity rather than donating it to the Institutes every year”. And one of my best friends,Sankar, was telling me ”Nammalle kondu ithonnum pattula dei”(These things are not in our reach man). May be that was the truth. And at times you have to accept some things for what they are. But I thought I shouldn’t regret later that I did not try.

In fact I had a detailed discussion with Pillayar (Ganpati) on the day before the CAT. It went something like this:

Me: Please let me crack it this time!!
Him: No
Me: What? Why? Don’t I deserve this time atleast?
Him: No
Me: Come on. I have even studied this time.
Him: How much?
Me: Ok .. Not like people who spend a year through out with full hearted effort. But still…
Him: Exactly. What do I tell them then ?
Me: What about my talent. Don’t you think I deserve it just for that?
Him: Ya right. Thank me that you have reached this far in life.
Me: Hmm …Please please please … 108 thengas? (108 nariyals)
Him: Nope.
Me: I can’t fail this time. All my friends will laugh at me.
Him: Whatever. You reap as you sow.
Me: Ok fine. I will give my best tomorrow in the hall. If you think I deserve then get me through. Ok ?
Him: Ok ..Let me see. But chill. See I postponed the release of GURU’s music just for you. Now be happy listening to that.

May be I will make it this time. May be I won’t. But whatever the result is I will take it with all my heart. And as I retire from the CAT Test takers community, here is wishing the entire CAT lovers the best of luck. May the CAT god bless you all!!

Comments others had were:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm......all the best to u too!

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

dint u ever think of askin Ganapathi "how many times do u have people CAT-ing it a THIRD time! doesnt the perseverance get me in? " :D

scipio said...


You really took the sting outta the defeat man...

Anonymous said...

"But I thought I shouldn’t regret later that I did not try" ...this is the thought that will help you move on from those CAT days..and take on the software industry with a new perspective! Good luck!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anonymous1: Thank u !!

Shruti: Preseverance is a virtue alrigt!! Danks to u too :)

Scipio:Life is like that mate :)

Anonymous2: Well ....The game is not over yet!! :)

Deepa said...

Meow, may you come out successful! BTW, whats language did Sankar speak to you in? I didn't quite get it.

Divs said...

I laughed out loud too! For many many happy returns of the day! hehe that was cute. And... Good luck this time! Am sure pillayar kai vidamataar!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Deepa: That was mallu .. To be specific ..Trivandum mal :)

Divs: Avarku irrukkarade 4 kai ..paavam evalo pera kai vidama pidichupaaru :D...lets c !!

Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey don't worry..Seri Verbal sema toughnu i heard this time?How did you find it to be?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ramaa: It was tough. And when your strong point becomes tough it is all the more painful!! :)

Anonymous said...

da, modhs gave me this link...

hehe, hope ur blogs are not deleted by a cracker! just back 'em up... mine were deleted da...

ur ex-roomie+dost

don't post a reply back to me, i probably won't come back... my blogs got hacked and were deleted, so i lost interest in 'em... ciao!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thanks a lot man ..will do that :)

GURU - Out of the world !!!

It has been a week now since I bought GURU. And my music box is working over time. Boss is back!! And whenever Rahman’s music releases it gives me a kind of anxiety. From Dil Se, I have always waited for the music release of all his albums. The latest one was no different. And when it is a Mani-ARR combo then the anxiety doubles. It is good music guaranteed.

I will not be reviewing the album simply because of couple of reasons. One, I don’t have the musical knowledge to do so and two I think all(except may be very very few) of Rahman’s songs are good. I just wanted to express my thoughts as I listen to the 7 songs.

“Damdara Damdara Mast Mast” sang Rahman in an interview at the launch of the music. “Tere Bina” is an instant hit. It is unlike a Rahman song in the sense that you would like it instantly rather than at the 4th or 5th hearing. Watch out for Rahman’s vocal abilities when he sings “Aaja Chakri ke mare”!!! And it was good to hear Chinmayee singing in Hindi.

The first song that appealed to me in the album was “Ae Hayratein Aashiqui”. After a long time Hariharan has sung for Rahman. And was it worth a wait or what. The way in which Hariharan twists and turns his voice is magical. Call me if you want to hear the song. J

I have this strange habit where a line from the song gets into my head and I keep singing it till I hear it again. Sadly for my friends, I picked up this line from the song “Ek lo ek muft”. It is a sharaabi song. And I was singing like a sharaabi all the while. I wonder if Bappi Lahri sang it after a couple drinks too. So much natural it is. I bet it would funny to watch too.

Baazi laga” and “Barso Re” are typical Rahman stuff. You would feel it is just another song. But when you hear it 10-15 times it would keep ringing in your head. Shreya Goshal and Udit Narayanan has done their job with ease.

Mayya” has been sung by Mayyam Toller, an Arabic singer. The rhythm of the song is just breathtaking. It surely would make you dance. The song is complex least to say. Only Rahman could have come up with this number going away from the 1-2-3 1-2-3 style of songs.

And now coming to the song of the album –“Jaage hain”. The first time I heard this song I was thinking that here is one intense song. And I was not wrong. Masterpieces do not come very often. And here was one. Golden lines by Gulzar Sahab and Rahman has sung it like no one could.

Jaage hain der tak humein
Kuch Der sone do
Thodi si raat aur hai
Subuha toh hone do

Aadhe adhure Khwaab jo
Pure na ho sake
Ek Baar phir se neend mein
Wo khwaab hone do

The fourth time I heard the song I cried. I do not know why. There was no reason for me to cry. But I just couldn’t block them. When I heard the song it just took me into another level and I just sat there weeping. Thank you Rahman !!

I rate a Rahman's album in 3 ways. 1)Good 2)Excellent and 3) Out of the world. Guru ofcourse is Out of the world.

The CD cover gives credit to each and evey musician involved in it and even to the dilect coach. I can’t wait to see the movie now and I am sure Mani Ratnam would do justice to the songs. I just pray that Rahman keeps composing for a long time and I just keep listening to him.

Comments others had were:

Anonymous said...

khush raho!

Sushma said...

I totally get the crying for apparently no reason. A song CAN move a person to cry just because of the mood it sets. Not that Jaage Hain is a sad number, it's just very very moving! Neat review! Like I said, the songs gives me goosebumps when I listen to it even now. More so, I just have to THINK of the song and I get goosebumps! Yep! This one's definitely an Out-of-the-worlder!

Rahmanic said...

Hi dude nice review man..surely Guru is out the world.
Hats of to our Boss..
visit my blog and leave ur comments for my take on guru.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anonymous : !!

Sushma: Great to know that there is someone else too who thinks in a similar way

Rahmaniac: Thnks. WIll surely do.

Shruti said...

confused.. i thought i dropped in a comment here yestday but dont see it now!

Vinod R Iyer said...

shruti : Strange ! Can u re-do it if you dont mind :)

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

here goes - "and yet, barso re appealed to me first. lol.. and jage hain does truly strike a chord"

San said...

totally loved this album, read more here

Ramaa Iyer said...

Same here with Jaage hain..Soul searching voice & lyrics to match it.I like Ilayaraja's voice coz i used to think that noone can sing like him but hey when ARR started,i knew i was wrong.And once again our man's done the magic.Kewl that we share similar tastes

Aparna.G said...

As much as I like Rahman, I think his style of music comes out as classy after a series of crappy or monotonous stuff.. Roja was one of the most brilliant movies - in every sense! Right now, any music without Himesh on it will be a hit! :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shruti: Thanks for the re-post:)

San:Will do

Ramaa: His singing has always been under-rated. Ye jo Des hai tera in Swades is an example

Aparna: Spare the poor guy :) .BTW it is his(Himesh's)album that sells !!

Ramaa Iyer said...

Absoultely..Same goes with Vellai Pookal from KNM

Life is a lesson ..You learn it when u r through !

The line out of the Limp Bizkit song is so true. I have been out of action for sometime when it comes to blogging. And I got to learn a few things during this time.

1)Never go for swimming in a public pool in rainy season : It was one of the things in my “want to do list” for a long time. But the time I chose was perhaps wrong. My good friend Sarin and me decided to learn swimming. We thought we would learn it in 15 days and then swim across the Atlantic. Well not only did we not learn it; we ended up with having jaundice. It is tough when you are down with any kind of illness. When you whole body goes for a toss and you just not are in control. But it is worse when you have to do it alone! I still remember getting dehydrated in the middle of the night. It’s amazing how wonderfully a human body works. You don’t faint while sleeping. So it will wake you up and make you faint! The walk from my bed to kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself was like participating in a marathon!

2)Never travel alone when you are ill: Thanks to the airhostess who came up to me and covered me with a blanket. I was down and out. For once I was thankful that I was flying Air India! I had almost missed the flight. After a 6 hour journey from Pune to Mum(which normally would take 3 hrs) , I was running at full speed to catch the flight. I couldn’t believe that I was running .In the bus I couldn’t feel my legs. I bet the thermometer would have soared past 100, had I used one.

3)There is no place on earth like Home: And no one loves you more than your parents. And I mean NO one. I felt relieved once I reached home. I could see the concern in my Amma’s and Appa’s faces. And it felt so good to just lie there in my bed. Half the illness was cured there.

4)Doing nothing is the toughest thing on earth: That coming from one of the most laziest persons living. For around a month I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. TV was junk. No access to mails, blogs or any kind of entertainment. I thought I could do nothing and yet enjoy life. But I guess I was wrong. The period made me lazier. But it was great to catch up with lots of things you missed out in your daily routine.

5)Map your future, But do it with a pencil: I missed one of my best friend’s wedding and with it a lot other things while I was down with illness. I had planned one month in advance a trip home and also attending her marriage. But then had to change plans! Life never comes through as you plan it. Why do you think the airline companies give low price tickets with no refund? Half of the booking would be cancelled or rescheduled! That’s when you realize how important it is to have a plan B.

6)Birthday is also one of the 365 days: Just passed a Quarter of Century living in this planet last month. And as usual the b'day chills were running on me. Who all would call? Who all would remember it? Would I get a gift ? How many people would I have to treat?I realised that it was not only me who went through this. Each and every person does and that too each and every year.It was a quite b'day with just some good wishes and blessings from my friends.Quite relieving to escape the bums.But the fact remained that it was just another day.And it should always be that way I are born on that day.So what? You want the world to celebrate it?Atleast a million people would be celebrating birthdays everyday.But the fun around it never seem to end.

7)Gandhi was not that bad: What ? Gandhi- Bad ?? Yes. I was one of those people who thought that gandhian idea ruined out country. I presumed him to be a guy who went begging to the British for independence. I thought the bhagat singh way was much better. Drive them out of the country. I still do. I would have loved to have Bhagat singh as the first prime minister of India. Anyways, seeing Lage Raho Munnabhai changed my opinion to a large extend. Gandhi was not that bad. He was doing something, which a normal man would have never done. Not only did he follow ahimsa and non-violence. He inspired a whole generation to do so. I admire him for his marketing skills!! Imagine driving the whole nation into believing that they can do it his way to get independence. And now coming back in a movie and inspiring the next generation. Hats off to Raju Hirani for a wonderful movie. A wonderful thought. I know the effect of the movie wouldn’t last long. But if he can influence at least ten people who watched the movie, he can pat himself on his back. And by the way, the movie was awesome. The perfect blend of humor and drama. And with my darling Vidya in it …I am buying a DVD least to say!Gandhigiri –A good thought which is tough to practice. We need another Gandhi to preach it all over again.

8)India is not going to win the champions trophy: Sad but true. I hope I go terribly wrong on this. But I feel I wouldn’t. With the ‘crazy chap’ doing his experiments to derail the Indian cricket, I don’t see them performing up to their caliber. May be some individual performances would save a day or two for the team but eventually the absurd strategies would back fire. Again I wish I were pathetic at predictions.

The first part of this writing would seem like I want to be a sentimental hero like Dada. But the fact is I am a forget head. Few months down the lane I would forget all about these things which I don’t want to do. I want to come back and see this space, which would tell me that life is not that easy. And I have to learn from these lessons which life tries to teach me.

Comments others had were:

aditi said...

I completely agree with you on points 1-6 !! very well written ! :-)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thanks Aditi ..

Oh my God, Get out of here!!

The two lines synonymous to two of the greatest shows I love: FRIENDS & SEINFELD. I remember seeing the pilot of friends on star world. It was kinda nice. Then once it was into full flow, it got the nation watching it, like it did to the People in states. I mean Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Pheobee, & Racheal became a part of our lives. I remember watching the show every night and then watching the repeat the next day. It is amazing how the episodes remain fresh even after watching them an umpteen number of times. Chandler Bing would be my personal favorite out of the whole lot. Funny is what funny does! He is my idol when it comes to impromptu speaking. One episode I would watch a million times is the one in which the girls compete against the boys in Ross’s Quiz. I can go on and describe a thousand such episodes but so many others would have done that already. So saving this space!

I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without watching Friends. I thought there was no show, which could match this one. Then came Seinfeld. Even though this show had been telecasted in the US television before I had not heard about it. Like the Americans thought friends is just a replica of Seinfeld, I thought the other way around. But then I had to change my p.o.v soon. This show turned out to be the mother of all shows in the world. It is a show about nothing. Seriously it is. Four people hanging out together in apartments, movies or restaurants. Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benis, George Costanza & Cosmic Cramer. I mean, there are no sentiments, drama, friends parting, break ups, make-ups. It is sheer situational comedy. These guys can turn any situation into a comic one. Be it movie watching, Baptism, Anniversary, Break up, shopping: You name it. They can just turn it into a laughter ride. Meet George Costanza. My guru. This guy is one hell of a character. This guy is a born looser. And prides himself of being one. Life to him is nothing but a series of disaster. If any girl likes him he suspects the girl of being abnormal. That’s him. Seinfeld, a comedian himself rocks. Elaine is the most irritating person ever to hit a TV screen. But you would love to have a friend like her. And Cramer. … Hua!! No words to describe his character. The show ended after running for a good four years in US. And what was the last episode? No it was not friends parting off to different locations. All four of them end up in Jail!!
Kudos to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld for a fantastic show.

All right, why am I blogging about them? There would be a million blogs written around the globe praising the shows. But yet these two shows made a difference to my life. It changed the way I look things. These people inspire half the humour that I crack. These guys taught me how to be funny. Not that I am an amazing comedian now. But whatever little comedy occurs in my life is a tribute to these characters. There have been several occasions when I face some situation, then remember an episode from one of the two shows and laugh by myself. My only concern is that people would think I am mad laughing away by myself. But do I care!

Life is full of problems and unsolved situations. But if you could view that from a comic angle the depth of the situation lessens. After a day’s work (or no work) spending an hour watching these two shows makes my head feel lighter. And if I were to rate the two I would say 49-51 in favor of Seinfeld. It would be great if they were to come back and do a season more. Waiting for it like a million others.

Comments others had were:

Kirthi said...

Ahh those r my fav shows too. I like Elaine, because I've been through some of those exasperating situations she experiences and Kramer is so looney. I guess I like Chandler too. He is not too dumb, not too over intelligent and has a gr8 sense of humor.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Kirthi: Thanks for dropping by my blogspace! So which one would you pick over the other ?

Khosla & Dor - The eveolving phase of hindi movies

Hindi movie industry has matured. It was in its teens till lately. Suddenly it has come of age. There is a stream of movies, which no one would have dared to make a few years back. Be it Omkara, Dor,Khosla ka ghosla, or Pyar ke side effects. These movies are bringing in a thing called variety into the hindi films.

Khosla Ka Ghosla: Feel Good!

Saw this movie on the 4th week of its screening. Heard from a couple of friends that it is a must watch. So there I was, watching a movie with no real stars in it. The first scene gives you a clear indication of how the movie is going to be. Simple, but realistic. All the actors from Anupam Kher to Boman Irani just sink into the characters with ease. You suddenly realize the amazing pool of talent present in the country. Parvin Dabas,Ranvir Shorey & Vinay Pathak(Channel V VJs), navin nischo(From Dekh Bhai Dekh). Even the girl who plays Ranvir’s younger sister. All have done a fantastic job. Amazing script and a brilliant screenplay. Watch out for the walking style of Boman Irani. This guy is just too good. Dibakar Banerjee, the first time director is someone to watch out for. It was great to watch a full length situational comedy movie. You feel really light in your head after you walk out of the movie. And you will be singing the song “Ye duniya ut pattanga” as you come out.

Dor: A beautiful Movie

A beautiful movie: That’s what it is. I have seen the Malayalam version of this movie in bits and parts. But since Nagesh Kukunoor was making it, I was sure that it would be somewhat different. And he didn’t dissapoint me. The Malayalam version was a really depressing one. But Dor in the end turned out to be a high class drama and an inspirational one at that. First up, a round of applause for Ayesha Takia, Gul Panag and Shreyas. The story runs between Gul and Ayesha with shreyas playing a cameo. Shot extensively from the greens of Himachal to the rustiness of Rajasthan, the movie is a visual treat. The only complaint you might have is that it is slow paced except for the scenes that feature shreyas. But again you can expect that from a hard-core drama. Screenplay remains Kukunoor’s strength and the wit he can produce is classy. I was watching a movie alone for the first time and was I glad that it was Dor. The song “Yeh hosla kaise jhuke” is a classic. Great music by Salim sulaiman and an amazing words --

“Raah pe kaante bhikre agar,
Uspe toh phir bhi chalna hi hai
Laakh chupale suraj magar
Raath ko ek din dalna hi hai

Rut ye tal jayegi
Himmat rang layegi
Suhuha phir aayegi”

Comments others had were:

Hiren said...

Nagesh kukunoor has really evolved as a filmmaeker from his hyderbad blues. Though I have read many reviews of both, after reading this, I feel they are a mustwatch.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Hiren : Yes he has evolved big time! Thanks for dropping by my blogspace

Iyerish Musings

"Pyar soch samajhkar nahi kiya jaata ; Bus ho jaata hai
Agar aisa hai toh mein woh pyar ko hone hi nahi deta"

Akash couldn’t keep his words and fell in love with Shalini. So what about you Mr.Iyer?

Around 65 % of the Indian middle class youngsters stick to arranged marriage (BTW 44.3% of statistics is useless!). And around 80 % of them I guess would have given up on their love just because of pressure from their parents. No, this is not a preview of any Hindi movie. Nor is it an age-old debate of Arranged Marriage Vs Love marriage. These are just musings of a middle-middle class Iyer guy. (Relax Amma. I am not trying to tell you something through this :))

The fact is that most of the TamBrahms are conservative when it comes to marrying their child off to a guy/girl of different caste (forget religion). Even more so are the Marwadis or the Kobras or Shastris(Not even considering the muslims). In fact we can generalize this to a wider range of communities in India. So caught in between the devil (love) and the deep sea (society) are the young minds.

We all know that when Cupid strikes it is really tough to resist. It might be the lamest of the reasons; like I cant live without looking at her eyes; he is so caring and sensitive; both of us like Hum Aapke hain Kaun etc etc. But it does drive people crazy. So much that they would go to any extremes for him/her. Thanks to the movies that give a million permutations and combinations of the ways in which love unfolds, wins, fights or loses, we are never short of examples of a lover’s tale. So when you do realize that you are in love with someone, would you be able to resist?

I know every individual has the right to shape his life up. And a life partner is the most important part of it. But in out society where parents are still not open minded and secular enough, should we take a risk? I call it a risk because many a times you might be able to convince them that your decision is not erratic. And if they do not approve of it then starts the battle. Elope, register your marriage, come with a baby in one year’s time and ask your parents to forget everything. So is it really worth this fight. Should you hurt your mom and dad’s sentiments? After all they lived their life for you!

So now starts the struggle: To find someone of your same clan and fall in love. How much ever stupid that sounds! I mean, you can’t go to girl and say, “I love You. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me? Err …By the way you are an Iyer right!!”
Like love in itself is not complicated enough! As you try day in and day out to sustain it, and at last decide that she/he is the one, there comes the problem of meeting the parents! Probably people have been there and done that would be able to explain the intricacies of the whole thing.

Is it really possible to step aside and defend the Cupid when it strikes? When you meet some one who is so meant for you. Some one with whom you will be happy to spend the rest of your life with. Or should you just go into a shell and be narrow-minded?
I guess this confusion would occur only to a set of people. Some wouldn’t even understand what I am talking about. People from the west would laugh out loud at this. Sometimes I wonder if their approach to life is much more simpler. Like a daughter would go to her mom and say “Mumma, I am getting married” and the mother would jump and embrace the girl and say “Oh honey, I am so happy for you!” But since I am in the part of the world where people are not that broad minded (but perhaps sensible), I would think a million times before venturing taking the devil’s side! And in the end I guess I would decide to kick away the cupid. What about you ?

Comments others had were:

Divs said...

Just came across your blog...And well, i couldn't agree more with all that you said in this post! But ofcourse, there's always the hope that your parents will ultimately understand...and put your happiness first if cupid ever tempts u and makes things happen. After all, they're appa and amma! :D We all live in hope!

“I love You. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me? Err …By the way you are an Iyer right!!” ---LOL!

And abt cupid...we'll think abt it when it strikes!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs : Thnks for the motivation :D.

Ya ..let us indeed hope :)

Divs said...

I dont usually leave comments on blogs of people i dont know personally, but this post was just too tempting! And went thro your other posts also... Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Well there are a lot of reasons to prefer arranged marriage over love marriage.
1. You end up compromising a lot more if your partner is not your same religion/caste. Again it depends on how important religion is in your daily life. But even simple things like eating and cooking food become issues. If you belong to the same caste perhaps the way your food is cooked/eaten is almost the same.

2. You are willing to tolerate a lot more of a person you consider your friend. But when you begin to live with him/her all those things you shrugged off as an idiosyncracy might seem outright idiotic to you. Things like cleanliness or even TV channels.

3. In India you still marry into a family. So you are not just putting up with one idiosyncratic person, but actually two or three!

4. Life changes after marriage. Maybe some stats can show you that romance goes onto the backburner post-marriage.

5. Yes its very nice to believe in the ideal of love which rises beyond the petty things I have stated above. But this is a real world with real people with real egos. And I am not saying that the arranged marriages are free from any clashes. But just to give you some food for thought, even some Brits think arranged marriage is by far the best way to go about it.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs: Thnks. You are welcome to comment on my blog.Criticisms will also be accepted :). I too do a lot of blogtrotting and leave coments on other's blogs.So no issues at all.

Anonymous: Thanks for the food for thoughts. I assume it is experience speaking ?! As I said I m not debating arranged marriage Vs Love marriage. But i have to agree with you about the love lacking after marriage in a love marriage thing. At the end of the day compromise is what rules the roast I guess.

Anonymous said...

love or arranged...u have to adjust and compromise everywhere...iyer non iyer...differences and different world views will crop up ...
koi gurantee nahi hota hai...

padma said... coments..!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anonymous: Compromise is THE word I guess !!

Padma: Come on, You can do much better than that :)

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

nice one!
but i guess u pretty much said it all :)
and for the Sociey of Aware Iyers ( ;) ), i guess it only means that we shudnt let cupid IN in the first place to shut it out later.. :D

Anonymous said...

your blog says a lot...but let me tell you ...there are so many like you who decide to kick off CUPID simply because of such is like that man!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shruti: People in love say it is not so easy to shut it out :)

Anonymous: I know...I am one among the lot!!!

Sushma said...

Don't believe in love. It's all just chemistry. Once the chemicals stop coursing through your body, what are you left with? A listless marriage and no parental support. I don't know, I'm guessing that my parents(even tho Iyers) aren't too bothered with the caste, religion (etc,etc,etc) of the guy, as much as what kind of a person he is. I kind of feel the same way. I know, I know(!) when I say I don't believe in love, people invariably say that that's because I've never experienced it. Somehow I doubt that will ever happen. If you've seen what Surya has to say to Esha Deol on the bike in Aayutha Ezhuthu, you'll get what I mean.

Vinod R Iyer said...

X Chromosomes , Y chromosomes , XX chromosomes, XY chromosomes !! :)
Athupadi :D

You know what ? If u had said this a few years back I might just have agreed with you. May b u ll get to know too :)

Thanks for dropping by my blogspace

Your Attention Please

Hindi Film music has always been flying high. There is no second opinion on the fact that composing music is an art. And only a blessed few would have it in them. Many a tune comes to my head. But when I analyze it, it would have a similarity to some other note. Else I would just lose the tune in 5 minutes. So I admire even a Sajid-Wajid for their capability to pull out the whole song. From Naushad sahab to Rahman and many more to come, this is one industry which has been progressing through out.

Amongst the thousands of musicians that come and go there are many who do not get rewarded for their good work. Just wanted to list out a few names who deserve more than the appreciation they get. And I am not going into the past since I don’t want the past Vs present debate to kick off.

1.Vishal Bharadwaj: From Maachis to Omkaara this is one guy who has delivered consistently. I agree he has the great company of Gulzaar Sahab in lyrics in almost all his compositions. But still to produce such soulful music time and again can be done only by a genius. Betaabi, Jahan Tum Le Chalo, hu tu tu, Satya, Love ke liye, sunset point, omkara all have a master touch of his.
2.Ranjith Barot: Remember the Nescafe ad tune? It is this guy’s work of art. There was a period when Annu Mallik produced some great compositions. Like Ashoka, Yadein, Border. Ranjith Barot was assisting him in all the movies. They did not put forth his name as a guest composer but some of the songs were so not of Annu Mallik’s Caliber (Again no offence meant!). Holiday (if u know the movie) has a few amazing numbers by him.
3.Vishal & Shekar: The duo has an amazing chemistry. They just rock! Jhankaar beats was a masterpiece. Suno na is one of my all time favorites. These guys can range their compositions from typical hindi movie stuff to rap numbers. Bluffmaster was too good. And can u forget Allah ke Bandeh? Gold it was.
4.Harris Jayaraj: Hindi audiences rack up your brains. RHTDM strikes a chord ? This guy is a big name in south. Although he produces amazing numbers he has to live with the shadow of A.R.Rahman. Just like Sehwag lives in the shadow of Sachin!! Zara Zara(Vaseegara) is a timeless piece. The word was around that ARR did that composition for him. But he followed it up with great numbers in tamil movies to prove his worth. May be he could be a bit more consistent in his work.
5.M.M Kreem: Awarapan Banjarapan …. Such a melancholic note it is that I at times fear to listen to it lest I breakdown. Yet another guy who is provided with very less chance in the industry. Even changing his name from Maragadamani to M.M Kreem did not help! Hope to hear more from this guy.
6.Sandeep Chowta: Not sure why RGV left this guy. He produced some amazing scores in the RGV company. Also you should hear his score in a telugu movie called "Super".It was mind blowing.I do not understand a word of telugu,but saw the movie just for the songs!!

I could go on and list a lot more names. But these are the deserving candidates that I chose. I would give them an award each for the sheer talent they have in them. While we are celebrating the Himeshs and Pritams of the world just spare a thought for these guys. And please do let me know if you could think of anyone else!

Ps: Missed Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy purposefully since they seem to be getting what they deserve after years of perseverance.

Comments Others had were:

Pavs said...

hmmm nice but why aren u writting more??

Pavs said...

I mean to say.. why no new posts!!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Pavs:Haven't had access to blogs for a while at home ..Now that I m back to work there will be more blogs :)

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

I have heard of the myth behind Vaseegara composition too...

Harris is consistent these days...He won the filmfare a week back for his superb scores in Anniyan and Ghajini...

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anusha: Oh ya he is !

Loved his sutrum vizhi chudare & Uyire en uyire scores !

"Music, like life is simple. If you try to understand it, it gets complicated"

A thought I just came up with while returning from my music class!!
(Need the copywrite & so blogging it:))

Wat say ?

Comments Others had were:

Sayesha said...


And amazing thought. Very very true :)

scipio said...

Too cool!!

I once tried to say something on the same lines...

It goes like this...

"I sometimes wish that life wasn't this complicated. Then I realize that it is these complexities that make some men greater than others"


ada-paavi!!!! said...

i agree :) awesome

Anonymous said...


Vinod R Iyer said...

Sayesha: Thnks ... From the Horse's mouth :-0 :)

Scipio: Thnks mate. .. Have been wondering what ur name could be :)

Ada-Paavi: :)

Anonymous: Why not leave ur name next time around!

chitra said...

True, the seven sur can bring about the most complicated ragas........

BTW, what r u learning , instrumental or Vocal.

scipio said...

You mean "scipio"?
Try here
One of these days I shall be writing a post on this.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Chitra:Me learning Carnatic Classical(Vocal). Dont ask me for how many years.Just started a month ago!!

scipio:Cool ..Do that.For that matter I would like to know ur real name too!

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Hi Vinod

U r learning carnatic vocal? Cool...I am a trained carnatic vocalist. Learnt it for 6 years...

Vinod R Iyer said...

Me just started 2 months back ..carnatic vocals :)

Red Card for Green Card

‘Mittal Strikes Steel’ read the newspaper after the day he struck a deal with Arcelor. It was great to see an Indian calling the shots and heading the world’s largest steel company. Later on the Mittal-Arcelor group announced large investments in India (Orissa). Lakshmi Mittal featured in the list of world’s richest men.

The whole thing made me think about writing something on this one topic, which is very close to my heart – Brain Drain. Going to a foreign country to make a living. Let me get things straight – I am not talking about the public who go out for business purpose for a short term (including the on-siters). I am talking about people who go and settle abroad for good. People who would die to become the citizen of that country. People who proclaim to miss their country and its traditions. I had always advocated the fact that you should not leave your motherland and serve another nation, just because things are better out there. No, I am not writing Swades’ review here. But yes, the idea is something that I would treasure.

I know there is a huge amount of revenue that comes in from NRIs. Yet, wouldn’t the country been richer by n times if they were to serve here in the country. Keeping in mind all the disadvantages (population, illiteracy, joblessness…) the country is facing, wouldn’t it be better to stay back and fight them. The personal gains somehow easily over-ride the major cause that should concern them. Let me put it this way. How would you like it if Sachin chooses to play for Australia just because he would earn more there?

In all the debates I had a chance to talk on this topic, I have always stood against the idea of settling abroad. But when I saw Mittal, who has been settled in the US for a while now come back and invest such a huge amount of money, it made me re-think on the whole topic. Is there a chance that this guy could have grown so fast if he were to set his base in India rather than the US? I believe not. I mean, even though the Ambani’s are setting an empire of their own in the country, it would take them a hell of a lot of time before they start acquiring international firms. But still, wouldn’t you rather be an Ambani than a Mittal?

Ask a Japanese guy to ditch his country and come he would tell you to take a walk. That is one nation where people have worked their ass out to take their nation to the level, which they are in. Agreed, we Indians are lazy by nature and we all want the easier way out. All we do is to sit back and blame the system and rue about our misfortunes of being in this country. Trust me. I have seen people who would do anything to get a job in the US. Or to marry someone who has a job in the US. If the best brains in the country are to leave, how do we expect to grow fast?

I don’t expect things to change anytime soon in the near future. If Ashutosh Gowariker couldn’t change things Vinod Iyer certainly cannot! I know for sure that I wouldn’t consider settling abroad.

Tu na poochh raaste mein kaahe
Aaye hain is tarha do raahein
Tu hi toh hai raah jo sujhaaye
Tu hi toh hai ab jo ye bataaye
Chaahe toh kis disha mein jaaye wahi des

Comments others had were:

Prabu Karthik said...

>>How would you like it if Sachin chooses to play for Australia just because he would earn more there?

Made me think again on this issue.

But actually such things have already started happening right?

Petersen playing for England?

scipio said...

Totally agree with you... but the fact remains that enterprising individuals are not encouraged by the government and the society here. In fact their progress is impeded.
That said, I would also like to state that people should not be cribbing... instead we should go ahead and try to overcome these hurdles.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Prabhu: Yes it has ...But I think SA is at loss there too ..right ?

Scipio:"To that heaven of freedom, o father,let my country awake" !!

Kirthi said...

I beg to differ here. All this jingoism about staying in the country and working for it does not really cut. Sounds very nice and ideal but how many really make the "difference".
I can give you some reasons why brain drain is good:
1. The competition evens out in our nation. Greater employment opportunities for the "less fortunate" or moderately intelligent.
2. The rate at which our population is growing perhaps even the Indian Ocean will get filled. So by moving out the population is spread better: that indirectly eases the pressure on infrastructure, energy and resource demands.
3. Good demographic distribution of an ethnic race in the world ensures that its presence is felt. Remember out of sight is out of mind. A lot of our presence in the international arena is because of expats.
4. Money transfers: direct foreign revenue.
5. Expats generate awareness about our culture: ISKON, Yoga, Mehendi, Bollywood, Ayurveda all these have become brands on the international arena because of expats. Foreigners visit India looking for them: Foreign revenue indirectly.

If Sachin chooses to play for Australia and does well good for him. Look at Naseer Hussain, Monty Panesar. I don't feel bad.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Kirthi: Thanks for dropping by to my blogspace.

You have several valid points there. Dont wanna debate on a point by point basis.

But I feel the developed countries(economically developed!) have reached where they are not because of their citizens going out and working for others. They go out and acquire other's work!! Thats why I admire TATAs more than Mittals !! If the Yoga and our culture had to spread it would do so on its on merit.Not because of marketing it!

Over and Out !!!

Over and Out !!!

The other day, I was in my usual routine of having a tea in my office at around 11 am. This is one of the means of spending half an hour’s time!! And discussing worldly important things like movie reviews, cricket controversies, life, etc, etc. One of the senior managers of my company was sitting there. The conversation was something like this:

M: So Vinod, Wat’s up?
Me: Nothing!! Everything is AS USUAL.
M: Come on yaar, you are a billable resource now (A jargon popular in the software industry where company charges the client for hiring me!!!). You are earning in Dollars now.
Me: (fake laughter) I am not earning, the company is earning J
M: Ya. But even the Tea that you are drinking is given by the company!!
Me: Ya. That is why they are giving it free these days, I supposeJ. (And I take off with my tea)

Just after the incident, my friend and me started a conversation. She said “Couldn’t u just have nodded and smiled at what he said. You shouldn’t have reacted to him. He is a senior manager. What would he think about u??”

That was the topic for the day and we debated it with our hearts out. But it made me think a lot as to what people really think about me! Probably that day he would thought ‘what an over-smart’ guy he is!’

I always thought I am a smart, confident, enthusiastic guy. Just add a word “over” to all those attributes; it would still suit me. Infact, coming to think about it, it might suit me better!! I always have found it difficult to find a balance and find a point where I should stop being smart. The line is pretty thin! And once someone thinks you are “over” then it is pretty hard to get back to normal! Then whatever one does will be considered as an act of over doing. And if you exceed the limit then comes the term “show-off” added to your vast range of reputations. I know at least 50% of the people I met might just think that I am a show-off. Probably the other 50% know me!! (Confidence or over-confidence?!)

In that case me writing these things in itself is a show-off!! Why should I write everything and put it in some website instead of writing it in a personal diary? (I hate the idea of writing personal diary anyways!!Why do you have to write one if u don’t want anybody to read it ?!)

But still, I just cannot find the line where it goes “over”! And neither do I have tons of experiences to sit back, think about and learn from. So before it hurts me real badly I should get on to look for the LOC. Probably I should stop chasing my dreams and search for the line instead!! Hey, Have you seen the line by any chance? : )

Comments Others had were:
Joe said...

Don't spent time searhing for LOC, you would never see it.

You know what? You are tooo far from the line..


Up Above the verse so high...

Standing at this point you can see the whole Fort and it’s in the form of a big curve. And that is why the name “Korighad”, said KD: our guide cum leader cum cook cum etc etc. This was my first ever, proper trekking experience. The whole thing started off as a project trip. But as it would be, most dropped out and 8 of us were left.Eight of us on 4 bikes; away we went

Trekking was never my cup of tea. Or, let’s say walking is not. For a lazy bum like me climbing up a two-storied building is a Herculean task. Forget a whole large mountain!I would rather go to a beach trip, on a moonlit night! (Alas!). But still I always liked the idea of camping and living in a tent and stuff. It’s human tendency, I guess, to get back to primitive age.

So away from the mayhems of the urban world we went …

We reached the bottom of the mountain and I asked KD.. “Where is it?”. KD pointed to the top of the mountain and said….”There”. I felt a rock falling on my head! Then we started the long walk. When we reached the top, we could guess why shivaji would build a fort there!! Who is gonna attack him after climbing a mountain..Phew!! All of us, exhausted, were trying to find a place to put our tents. KD said, “This is actually a small trek”. He could say that since he was born to live in the mountains. Manoj had removed his shirt and as Madhu said—He was looking like a “Mallu porn star”(Hope his wife doesn’t read this blog).

It was almost dusk as we reached there. We were exploring the whole area when we came to a point where we could see a huge part of the Amby Valley . We all wished we had brought some eno!! The first words of wisdom came from Sarin. He started yelling at the top of his voice, “You rich F****rs, I hate you!!!”. Roshan followed it up with some desi galis.

The tents were looking cute. KD made soup for all. Knorr soup had never tasted this good!! Then all got settled down to the main purpose of the trip- “Cheers!”. I had not had a hard drink before (Ya ya …I am one of those guys who is not a born drinker). But I wanted to try it out just once to know what the hell the world is so crazy about (If u didn’t notice I am trying to portray my good boy image!). After months of thinking I decided to give it a go that day!! Sandeep was the only non-drinker! I could really relate to what he was feeling. He would have the right to eat all the ‘chaknas’. They made my first drink as hard as possible! I had mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed the chaknas more I would say :D. After the 3rd drink I could feel giddy in my head. Was strange, I should say. My feet were not listening to me when I told them”Walk”. But I was not “out” as they call it. After that day I am stillnot decidedwhether to drink again!

KD, the cook again came into action and made some awesome pulav! Thankfully Manoj’s cell had a radio and we were playing it all through. Long live radio! “Yeh hai meri Kahani” received mass acclaim. Everyone could relate to the song and we felt the lyrics was written just for us! All were discussing our miserable lives with Abhinav talking non-stop as usual!

It was a full moon night and I was staring at the moon. Madhu exclaimed” The moon looks beautiful” .I blabbered for the first time ever. I said, “The moon looks like _____” (I am not gonna blabber nowJ). I wanted to tell him “Dai, Yaar Kittayum Ollaradhe (Don’t tell anyone)”, but it was too late. I guess they reported it on NDTV next day. We all slept peacefully in confined spaces that were allotted to us. KD said he went mid way down during the night to fetch water from a stream!!!

In the morning there were a few tourists here and there but no major crowd. There was a guy and a girl who had come to “visit the fort”. The girl was giving him a stare as to say ”You said there would be no one!”.

Now coming to the point of writing this blog (What? You are just starting up?!) ….

The morning we decided to take a closer look at the amusing City that was lying beneath. Apart from the huge huge bungalows, there was a golf club,Disco, swimming pools, an artificial lake, and believe it or not; an airstrip! The Scottish style row houses were mind blowing!

Some guys were playing Tennis and later we could see them leave in a “luxury car”. There was a boat, which was carrying people to the artificial island made in between an artificial lake. Sarin repeated his words of wisdom until he was tired.

All of us could wonder only one thing – When are we gonna be on the other side!!Would a day ever come when a software engineer like me could dream of buying a house in an island for a weekend outing!! We all decided to buy a bungalow each and come back to the same place and spot the bungalow from the top! May be in a couple of janams from now! I promise to write a blog about it then.

Comments Others had were :

Sandeep said...

yeh hai meri kahani lekin teri jabani... same feeling as yours but put nicely by u.....hats off to u (for writing this stuff) KD (for bringing into notice the beautiful world) n rest all (for enjoying it from their hearts)

Manasi said...

Hey nice post! :)
I have been to the Amby Valley City once and I must say inspite of all the glamour of it, I wanted to hit those people. They have harmed the ecology of the valley, all only for the luxury of those who probably care the least. It is awesome , no doubt, but the destruction is huge. And those flats that they generously presented the entire Indian cricket team are so small, i wonder why anyone wld pay those exhorbinant amounts.
Anyways. For me it is a project that should never have been there.
Enjoyed your posts!
Keep writing!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Sandeep: Thanks mate ... Hope the next trip is on pretty soon !! :)

Manasi: Thanks ! Even Parthiv Patel(If u rem him) has a bungalow there !! And yes they are just starteed up ....Expanding like anything there in the whole surroundings.

sakhi said...

hey nice writing...i like amby valley too...but couldnt see till now...:)

Nice description...

The Smiling Girl said...

Hey.. thanks for dropping by..
Btw, Amby valley's pics look just awesome, buddy!:)

Anonymous said...

well nice pictures and nicely written blog....the blog revises whatever u had describes to me just after the what does the moon look like buddy?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Meena: Thanks a lot :)

SG : My friend KD's work of art !:)

anonymus: I told u ... I m not blabbering this time !!:P :)