Friday, September 28, 2007

India Victorious ... Blissful words !!!

From a bowl out to lifting the cup – India victorious would be an apt title for this T20 world cup. The scene was just perfect for the final. I decided to watch it in office canteen with all my friends. It turned out that half of the office was thinking likewise! The stage was set. And I am lucky to have lived through the match since my heart was pounding at 1000 beats per min. The client who visited our office was amazed at the howling and screaming that was happening. What would he know about an Ind – Pak final. In fact nobody would right. I can’t remember watching one.

Only India could have brought a game like that to such a close finish. But luckily they didn’t choke as they usually do. And at the end they gave me one of the most memorable days of my life. Might sound weird how a match can be so important to one’s life. But yes, for me it was a memorable day. And I am sure it would be the same for a million cricket fanatics like me. It’s alright for sharukh miya to campaign for hockey in chak de. But it had to be cricket which brought the whole nation to the edge of their seats and leap up in joy. I understand other games have to be given importance too. But cricket is no more a game in our country, right?

And I also sincerely hope Indian fans behave better next time when our team looses. The concept of either raising them to the skies or stamping them to the dust is not what is called for.

Hail the game. Hail the Indian team.

(Damn yaar vinod. Every other post of yours would have to be on either music or cricket. Isn’t it ?!!)


Divs said...

Nope...your posts can be on cities, on nothings, on iyerish musings :P

I'm probably the only whoz goin to be leaving a non-cricket comment on this post...!

But well, i did watch part of the match! Thats alot for me! And thoroughly enjoyed the victory run and the euphoria at the end of it! :)

laxmi said...

nice write up..
even i hope so that our indian public dont ill treat the players when we loose the any game.wining losing is just apart of life.
i just saw the hightlights the of match &itwas mindblowing.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Cricket is something tht i even cannot talk abt for a sec :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs: Ahh , You are always correct :)

Laxmi: Thank you :) You missed it then :)

Ponnarasi: You are amongst the minorities .. no reservation here though :)