Monday, June 11, 2007

Hai ye onsite !!!

“Oh. So you have been working for two years now? U didn’t get to go onsite yet???!!”

If you are a software engineer and you have been around for a while, this would be the question you would be dreading the most. And being “just another software engineer”, I am no different.

For once and for all let me try and answer them …

“Well …. They sent me to the airport with a ticket, visa and stuff. The couch in the airport was so cozy that I slept there and missed the flight. After that they wouldn’t let me fly.”

And when people hear that I rejected an onsite offer on the first year of my career I have to literally hold their jaws from falling down. It is not that I do not want to visit amkarika or lundon. Yes, it would be a great pleasure to see the world at company’s cost. Anything to do at company’s cost gives me great pleasure. But do I really want to live a life out there in the stranger land? I would say no. This is surely not a self defense tactics I am using here. But the dollars, the cars, the fun, the strip clubs do not lure me as much. I could live here!

Rather than going to a single place and earn a lot of money, I would rather go to different parts of the world on short trips. Well “just another software engineers” cannot dream of such things. Actually … They can only dream of such things.

So what is with the “just another” tag? What do these people do?

We are mechanized to jump from one project to another hoping to set your foot down initially. We can sit staring at the computer screen the whole day and still can go back home and play orkut-orkut. You are driven by a magic wand called your manager who decides where you career/life is going to head. Then we start seeing people going to amkarika and suddenly a gush of ego/jealousy/ greed comes into us and we start craving for that one trip outside the country. Then when you get there we start missing home. Then we come back to get married to a traditional Indian girl/US based guy. Then we go back to amkarika and start looking for a green card. Then we stay there for five years and come back to become a manager. Meanwhile the next set of engineers is ready to follow your footsteps. We have forgotten what it is to meet different people in the life. We do not know how to have fun over the weekends. Whenever we take vacation we go back to “home” and eat mamma’s food and come back. The utmost creative thing we can do is to write crappy blogs.

So would I be a Mohan Bhargav and let go of the offer that comes my way?

If I do become anything else than just another software engineer, I surely would love to become a Mohan Bhargav.

PS: People please vote for TAJ. If you have voted, vote again! You can vote through ..

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Divs said...

The non-NASA mohan bhargav huh? :) i laughed at the amkarika and lundon bit!

"Then we come back to get married to a traditional Indian girl/US based guy"

thats so true! But why does the GIRl have to be 'traditional' and the GUY have to be US-based! *sigh*

Now that u r here, and not in ameriga (thats wat i like callin it!), enjoy! :)

Excited 2 B Alive said...

U got my full vote for the 'Non-Braindrain' as i would like to put it n also for TAJ :)

Liked the way u put fwd the whole post!

Nithya Subramanian said...
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Nithya Subramanian said...

Well.. now that I am setting foot into the s/w in a few weeks, may be I would be like the 'SAME YOU' cos' I don't prefer living in a distant place for a long time away from my Indian home.. and yes short trips are always good.. Anything other than settling abroad is acceptable!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hm..Thats indeed a very nice and wise act! :) Not all feels the same way about foreign visits! :)

Saravanan said...

Hey .. thats really nice.. I would also love to go abroad on a vacation trip and not on a project.. I feel there is no need to go to lundon or a.... since we go there only for money and nothing else and to be frank the exchange that yeilds.. Indians are paid in India and as well as in other parts less only, just the exchange rate is good. When we go to other places we live a life of .... and save up as much as we can and get money back to India and .... I feel we can mint money in India only.. BTW did you watch Thalivar's Sivaji.. ?? If so please write a review da.. thats more interesting...

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs: Non Nasa mohan bhargav ... he he ...ya ..that only !

Janani: Hope u did vote :)

Nithya: Welcome to the kuppai :)

Ponnarasi:Hmm ... I agree..

Saravanan: Thanks for dropping by . We sure acn mint money here :)

Kirthi said...

I don't really understand the pseudo-jingoism in this! I mean you are going there to work and you are actually working for the foreigners through your IT company. So what's the big deal? If you were so particular about serving and being in the country, you'd probably working on the software of Indian Railways and not British Gas or Morgan Stanley or what have you!

In a very indirect sense you are serving your country by going abroad. It seems highly pretentious to say on the one hand I will work for an IT company that serves foreign companies and on the other hand I won't to go to that foreign nation!

Going to a foreign nation does have its own charm: you learn greatly not only at your work, but also through interaction with people of a different culture. You can have your own reason to go there. For most folks it is the money, for me it was the experience and there is no denying that I gained hugely by it. All that is needed is an open mind and as long as you know where you stand on certain issues ( I for one am a militant vegetarian) you are neither going to get a cultural shock nor are you going to get carried away!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Kirthi: I guess you have read only the "working outside the country" part. I said I dont have any issues with people going to different countries and enjoying the culture that is followed there. But I seriously have a problem with the kind of people working in this industry.

Seeing the desperation shown by people to get to america concerns me. I might have to go one day and I would.Because of my duty towards the firm and I sure do understand that it will boomerand back to country's welfare too. But it is just the narrow mindedness shown by people in this industry and those who are associated with them that bothers me !!!

Nivedhitha said...

Jus another! *sigh* , i so hate that term. Gotto live with it.

PS: U follow tamizh?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Niveditha : Udal mannukku uyir tamizhukku :) ... Not as much as u may b ... but i do ... sigh it is :)

Deepa Siddharth said...

i completely agree with the onsite thingie... and ROFL on "i missed the flight after sleepin in the airport couch".... :-)