Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yes President!!

Rather than writing about my “exciting” and “Ever happening” life, I thought I would write something useful. Useful for the society, useful for the public and useful for the whole nation. It is the new and improved presidential election. Now that Kalam uncle is done with his tenure as the President of India, we are in search of a new face. Honestly, I never understood why a post is required for signing on papers and taking salutes in the parades. At least Mr.Kalam used to show his presence during his stay. So who could be the “worthy” successor?

I am not getting political here. Since India is filled with people like me who just talk and do nothing. So here are my top five nominations. By the way I am mending a few rules here to give chance to the most worthy candidates.

Rajdeep Sardesai: The kingmaker can turn anyone’s image in a day. From following abi-ash to their first night suit to questioning Sachin’s commitment, he has done it all. The most popular face on TV, who sensationalizes even the crappiest news!! Imagine, he would have exclusive rights to the Presidential videos. He can give an insight of a president’s luxurious life. He can conduct sms polls to find if he should pass a bill or not.

Rakhi Sawant: There hasn’t been a woman president for India and who else would fit into the role better than her? She has the most intelligent brains in the country. She is loved by each and every person in the country and also has the best dressing sense required for the best citizen of the country.

Greg Chappel: The man has “ideas”. He is experimental and believes in the “youth”. He has brought glory to India after his successful coaching tenure. He should be a handful for the corrupt politicians who want their way out. He will use media very well to get the good politicians(one or two) out of the team and experiment with the new ones.

Capt Gopinath: Lets face it captain – Vijay Mallya is after your airlines. How much ever you try to hide it, your airlines is in trouble. The Captain can bring in more “cheap” things into the lives of the Indians. Although there will be a “slight” delay in passing the bills, I am sure he would do a wonderful job for 5 yrs, by which time he can start a train service!!

Himesh Reshammiya: Two advantages. He will not act in any films anymore. we wouldn't have to listen to his oooooooooooo anymore. And also, Asha Bhonsle wouldn't dare to fight with him anymore .

Well those are my top contenders. Can think of many more, but why waste paper. Do write in if you any better candidates in your mind :)

ps: Removing Parvez from the running due to huge public cry :) Lotta sentiments being hurt I guess !!


Divs said...

Lol this one made me laugh! But i was expecting rajnikanth to be on your list ;-)

Ankit Gupta said...

well u wanted to create fun, but i guess there r 100s of other topics on which u can write....pervez how can associate his name with India...when u talk abt President of the INDIAN republic, its no low key affair..

Pervez Musharraf...even in my dreams, i can't tolerate tht ass as the Indian President

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Others were kind of ok ;) But Rakhi sawant..Hm.. I wonder why her...

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs: he he ..good option .. :)

Ankit: For god's sake what ever has happened to the humour sense of the indian population !!

Ponnarasi: The rest all are ok ???!! I would leave the country if anyone of these do become a president one day ..:)

Vidya said...

Pervez Musharraf ??!!! NO WAY JOSE!!! Enna vilayatta? I would shoot him down first before I let him step foot in my country.
How about nominating me? I don't mind a second job?! ;)


Vinod R Iyer said...

So would I .... May b I should reconsider his nomination considering so much opposition !! :)

I sure can nominate you. But amongst these league of people ..:)