Saturday, April 7, 2007

Your Attention Please

Hindi Film music has always been flying high. There is no second opinion on the fact that composing music is an art. And only a blessed few would have it in them. Many a tune comes to my head. But when I analyze it, it would have a similarity to some other note. Else I would just lose the tune in 5 minutes. So I admire even a Sajid-Wajid for their capability to pull out the whole song. From Naushad sahab to Rahman and many more to come, this is one industry which has been progressing through out.

Amongst the thousands of musicians that come and go there are many who do not get rewarded for their good work. Just wanted to list out a few names who deserve more than the appreciation they get. And I am not going into the past since I don’t want the past Vs present debate to kick off.

1.Vishal Bharadwaj: From Maachis to Omkaara this is one guy who has delivered consistently. I agree he has the great company of Gulzaar Sahab in lyrics in almost all his compositions. But still to produce such soulful music time and again can be done only by a genius. Betaabi, Jahan Tum Le Chalo, hu tu tu, Satya, Love ke liye, sunset point, omkara all have a master touch of his.
2.Ranjith Barot: Remember the Nescafe ad tune? It is this guy’s work of art. There was a period when Annu Mallik produced some great compositions. Like Ashoka, Yadein, Border. Ranjith Barot was assisting him in all the movies. They did not put forth his name as a guest composer but some of the songs were so not of Annu Mallik’s Caliber (Again no offence meant!). Holiday (if u know the movie) has a few amazing numbers by him.
3.Vishal & Shekar: The duo has an amazing chemistry. They just rock! Jhankaar beats was a masterpiece. Suno na is one of my all time favorites. These guys can range their compositions from typical hindi movie stuff to rap numbers. Bluffmaster was too good. And can u forget Allah ke Bandeh? Gold it was.
4.Harris Jayaraj: Hindi audiences rack up your brains. RHTDM strikes a chord ? This guy is a big name in south. Although he produces amazing numbers he has to live with the shadow of A.R.Rahman. Just like Sehwag lives in the shadow of Sachin!! Zara Zara(Vaseegara) is a timeless piece. The word was around that ARR did that composition for him. But he followed it up with great numbers in tamil movies to prove his worth. May be he could be a bit more consistent in his work.
5.M.M Kreem: Awarapan Banjarapan …. Such a melancholic note it is that I at times fear to listen to it lest I breakdown. Yet another guy who is provided with very less chance in the industry. Even changing his name from Maragadamani to M.M Kreem did not help! Hope to hear more from this guy.
6.Sandeep Chowta: Not sure why RGV left this guy. He produced some amazing scores in the RGV company. Also you should hear his score in a telugu movie called "Super".It was mind blowing.I do not understand a word of telugu,but saw the movie just for the songs!!

I could go on and list a lot more names. But these are the deserving candidates that I chose. I would give them an award each for the sheer talent they have in them. While we are celebrating the Himeshs and Pritams of the world just spare a thought for these guys. And please do let me know if you could think of anyone else!

Ps: Missed Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy purposefully since they seem to be getting what they deserve after years of perseverance.

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Pavs said...

hmmm nice but why aren u writting more??

Pavs said...

I mean to say.. why no new posts!!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Pavs:Haven't had access to blogs for a while at home ..Now that I m back to work there will be more blogs :)

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

I have heard of the myth behind Vaseegara composition too...

Harris is consistent these days...He won the filmfare a week back for his superb scores in Anniyan and Ghajini...

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anusha: Oh ya he is !

Loved his sutrum vizhi chudare & Uyire en uyire scores !

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