Saturday, April 7, 2007

Up Above the verse so high...

Standing at this point you can see the whole Fort and it’s in the form of a big curve. And that is why the name “Korighad”, said KD: our guide cum leader cum cook cum etc etc. This was my first ever, proper trekking experience. The whole thing started off as a project trip. But as it would be, most dropped out and 8 of us were left.Eight of us on 4 bikes; away we went

Trekking was never my cup of tea. Or, let’s say walking is not. For a lazy bum like me climbing up a two-storied building is a Herculean task. Forget a whole large mountain!I would rather go to a beach trip, on a moonlit night! (Alas!). But still I always liked the idea of camping and living in a tent and stuff. It’s human tendency, I guess, to get back to primitive age.

So away from the mayhems of the urban world we went …

We reached the bottom of the mountain and I asked KD.. “Where is it?”. KD pointed to the top of the mountain and said….”There”. I felt a rock falling on my head! Then we started the long walk. When we reached the top, we could guess why shivaji would build a fort there!! Who is gonna attack him after climbing a mountain..Phew!! All of us, exhausted, were trying to find a place to put our tents. KD said, “This is actually a small trek”. He could say that since he was born to live in the mountains. Manoj had removed his shirt and as Madhu said—He was looking like a “Mallu porn star”(Hope his wife doesn’t read this blog).

It was almost dusk as we reached there. We were exploring the whole area when we came to a point where we could see a huge part of the Amby Valley . We all wished we had brought some eno!! The first words of wisdom came from Sarin. He started yelling at the top of his voice, “You rich F****rs, I hate you!!!”. Roshan followed it up with some desi galis.

The tents were looking cute. KD made soup for all. Knorr soup had never tasted this good!! Then all got settled down to the main purpose of the trip- “Cheers!”. I had not had a hard drink before (Ya ya …I am one of those guys who is not a born drinker). But I wanted to try it out just once to know what the hell the world is so crazy about (If u didn’t notice I am trying to portray my good boy image!). After months of thinking I decided to give it a go that day!! Sandeep was the only non-drinker! I could really relate to what he was feeling. He would have the right to eat all the ‘chaknas’. They made my first drink as hard as possible! I had mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed the chaknas more I would say :D. After the 3rd drink I could feel giddy in my head. Was strange, I should say. My feet were not listening to me when I told them”Walk”. But I was not “out” as they call it. After that day I am stillnot decidedwhether to drink again!

KD, the cook again came into action and made some awesome pulav! Thankfully Manoj’s cell had a radio and we were playing it all through. Long live radio! “Yeh hai meri Kahani” received mass acclaim. Everyone could relate to the song and we felt the lyrics was written just for us! All were discussing our miserable lives with Abhinav talking non-stop as usual!

It was a full moon night and I was staring at the moon. Madhu exclaimed” The moon looks beautiful” .I blabbered for the first time ever. I said, “The moon looks like _____” (I am not gonna blabber nowJ). I wanted to tell him “Dai, Yaar Kittayum Ollaradhe (Don’t tell anyone)”, but it was too late. I guess they reported it on NDTV next day. We all slept peacefully in confined spaces that were allotted to us. KD said he went mid way down during the night to fetch water from a stream!!!

In the morning there were a few tourists here and there but no major crowd. There was a guy and a girl who had come to “visit the fort”. The girl was giving him a stare as to say ”You said there would be no one!”.

Now coming to the point of writing this blog (What? You are just starting up?!) ….

The morning we decided to take a closer look at the amusing City that was lying beneath. Apart from the huge huge bungalows, there was a golf club,Disco, swimming pools, an artificial lake, and believe it or not; an airstrip! The Scottish style row houses were mind blowing!

Some guys were playing Tennis and later we could see them leave in a “luxury car”. There was a boat, which was carrying people to the artificial island made in between an artificial lake. Sarin repeated his words of wisdom until he was tired.

All of us could wonder only one thing – When are we gonna be on the other side!!Would a day ever come when a software engineer like me could dream of buying a house in an island for a weekend outing!! We all decided to buy a bungalow each and come back to the same place and spot the bungalow from the top! May be in a couple of janams from now! I promise to write a blog about it then.

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Sandeep said...

yeh hai meri kahani lekin teri jabani... same feeling as yours but put nicely by u.....hats off to u (for writing this stuff) KD (for bringing into notice the beautiful world) n rest all (for enjoying it from their hearts)

Manasi said...

Hey nice post! :)
I have been to the Amby Valley City once and I must say inspite of all the glamour of it, I wanted to hit those people. They have harmed the ecology of the valley, all only for the luxury of those who probably care the least. It is awesome , no doubt, but the destruction is huge. And those flats that they generously presented the entire Indian cricket team are so small, i wonder why anyone wld pay those exhorbinant amounts.
Anyways. For me it is a project that should never have been there.
Enjoyed your posts!
Keep writing!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Sandeep: Thanks mate ... Hope the next trip is on pretty soon !! :)

Manasi: Thanks ! Even Parthiv Patel(If u rem him) has a bungalow there !! And yes they are just starteed up ....Expanding like anything there in the whole surroundings.

sakhi said...

hey nice writing...i like amby valley too...but couldnt see till now...:)

Nice description...

The Smiling Girl said...

Hey.. thanks for dropping by..
Btw, Amby valley's pics look just awesome, buddy!:)

Anonymous said...

well nice pictures and nicely written blog....the blog revises whatever u had describes to me just after the what does the moon look like buddy?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Meena: Thanks a lot :)

SG : My friend KD's work of art !:)

anonymus: I told u ... I m not blabbering this time !!:P :)

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