Saturday, April 7, 2007

That Crazy Chap!!

I was watching the IND vs. WI match yesterday on TV and for once I was happy that this Indian team is losing. I used to hate it when anybody spoke negatively about the team and its performance. I would even watch a match in which India is trashed by the other team. And then would sit back and hope that the team will do well in the next match. From that point to this where I wished that India should loose badly in WI, only one man is to be blamed- Mr.Chappel.

After the British it is now the turn of Aussies to come and rule us!! This guy with his dumb 5-bowler theory has not only started the downfall of Indian cricket (opposite to what others think is a rise of Indian cricket) but he also has brought in useless players like Venugopal Rao and Sreesanth. Seriously, Do u think this guy has the potential to become a McGrath ? Or atleast a srinath ? I don’t think so. Within a years time these guys would be history. You cannot compensate for talent with anything else. We won 3 series just because of yuvraj,dhoni and dravid(the batsman)

And we have a humble captain, who would nod to anything that chappel says. I rate Dravid the player as high as Sachin even. But his captaincy s*** big time. Yuvraj would be a much better option if you ask me (I know nobody is gonna ask me J). And Mr.More please pack your bags and go. I wonder who selects these selectors. They should be fired first. You would give Kaif a thousand opportunity in which he would score in a couple of matches like a tortoise but still you wont consider giving Ganguly a chance. Why? Because Chappel said so!! I am one amongst the millions who hope against hope that Dada comes back. Just for the sheer reason that he would be much worthier a player than venugopal rao!! And I still hope Ind loose badly in WI .Damn you chappel for making me feel like this!

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Joe said...


This is not the first time that substandard players are getting into the team. No point blaming Chappel for that.

Also, Chappel is not the only reason why Ganguly is not getting a chance. There are more people involved.. the team mgmnt, the selectors, the bcci. And if all of them think its better not to have him, then its worth doing some introspection.


Vinod R Iyer said...

Joe: You do have a point.Probably the Powar and co too wanted to get him out of the way. Alas !

Thanks for dropping by in my page ..

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