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Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light. STOP!! Not rocket science, is it? Well for 90% of the people it is!! It amuses me how the rules and regulations does not matter them at all. They just would not stop their vehicle unless there is maamu standing at the other side of the signal with his left palm itching.

I live in Pune, a pretty urban and developed city. But the road sense I see in people around me is absolutely atrocious. Try stopping for a signal in which no policeman is standing, and your eardrums will go for a ride from the non-stop horns coming out of the vehicles behind you. Watch out for any lorries standing behind you. Since their horns might cause permanent damage to your ears. I guess they require announcing their arrival with some ultrasonic sounds. My friends tell me that I should take a trip to the cities in U.P & M.P then I would not complain about this kind of traffic.

You can argue the fact that even a city like Pune does not have good enough infrastructure. The roads are bad, many of the junctions are without signals, the policewala who is supposed stand near the signal stands at the near by pan shop, there are no proper lanes, there is no stop line, seldom do you find sign boards, you have to give due respect to the cats and cattle walking in the middle of the road………..The list is big.

All said and done isn’t there a moral responsibility in you to ride properly and let others do the same. I know all of us have non-stop meeting schedules to cover as we rush at 80 Kmph and jump all the red lights coming on the way. But can’t they understand that if they follow all the rules they would probably create lesser traffic jams and reach faster in turn.

The problem remains that we Indians are great “adjusters”. Whatever happens thoda adjust karne se kya jaata hai!! Why should anybody bother to follow rules? What if they do not have a driving license? We are all born with a bribing license. Jump signal, over speed, walk when you are not supposed to, don’t carry a license, go in the opposite direction in a one way, we have a simple solution to all of these – A fifty Rupee Note.

This is where the tag line of our country comes into play. “Is country ka kuch nahi hoga yaar”: A lame boneless thing to say in the most powerful democracy of the world. If you cant do anything about the country then why don’t you call back the British to do the needful. I know I cannot change the whole countries thought process. But there is a glimmer of hope in this country with the young and the restless thinking about the country much more than the earlier generations did. Changing the mindset of a whole nation is close to impossible. But if you can try to change ten people around you, it would make a huge impact.

So what is the solution to the road rage? I swear I do not have a clue. But at least I thought I should do my bit by stopping at red light. I try to stand right in the middle of the road so that I can block at least 3-4 people behind me from skipping the signal. If at all I am caught for not carrying any documents, I try to get a proper receipt for the fine imposed and also would ask the cop which section I am booked under. This is one area in which I respect the West. The ticket system is so organized that you would think a thousand times before skipping a signal. Since achieving that is a bit too far away, we can at least start by showing some self discipline while we are on the road. Trying to know what the rules are that govern you. As a small little step towards it you can try to go through the link below that I found which has the different sections under which you can be booked while driving/riding a vehicle in India.

Rather than bribing, try to know the section under which you are booked and get a receipt for the same. And try to resist from jumping the signal and if you are really interested block others from doing so too. Drive Safely!!

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s_h_r_u_t_i said...

bad infrastructure is one thing.. bad manners, quite another :)
well said.. if we stop to think once everytime we take to the roads, our cities would be so much the better for it. it aint like these are hidden truths. no one just bothers.

Divs said...

Its great that you do the things u do... the receipt and stuff. Some lines about changing the system in the middle reminded me of rang de basanti! We definitely cant change the country... i guess the next time i stand at a signal, i'll think of this post :)

Ramaa Iyer said...

Can't help it Vinod..Believe me the scene is something similar in Chenaai.Can't stop bribery in the grass root level which is where the problem actually lie

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shruti: All I am saying is Let us not be in the list of "no one who bothers"

Divs: Quite a compliment that. And yes, RDB has been an inspiration to many.

Ramaa: Ofcourse we cannot stop bribery overnight. But we can take it upon us that we will not bribe ...

barbi said...

found u from ramaa iyer's blog. are u his brother?

the number of accidents is increasing and the number of lifes lost besides injuries is painful.

it requires a basic sense called discpline. wat is gonna happen if i wait that 3 seconds in which orange turns green.
most stupid people hurry. hang them!

Aparna.G said...

Hehe! Very true maan! Very true! But, tell me, do you follow the rules @ all times, no matter where you are going??? Be true to yourself.. I think you should set an example for others.. & watch 'Traffic Signal' - you get a whole new perspective to what happens @ the signal!!

I say, lets start a revolution! Be it Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai Or Blore - all the metros, and now, as you say it, even non-metros are highly indiscplined people! There must be something we can do about it!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Barbi: All iyers are not brothers and sisters mate :) .. She is just a blog friend of mine..

And yes cant agree with u more

Aparna: Revolution ...Count me in ...

King Julian said...

Hi Vinod,

Great post - I've been living in Pune for the last four years and every single word rings true. Thanks for the link - I've bookmarked it and sent to the other people in my group at work.

You might find this hilarious, but there are cases where people pay more than the actual fine out of ignorance, thinking that they are saving money by not asking for a receipt. Hope we can slowly change the system by convincing everyone to pay the actual amount and get a receipt.

Prince Kazarelth said...

Ha! Come to Calcutta and say that!!
Meh, well. Being a driver in Calcutta is tough...

Good blog you got here...

Uma said...

Like they say in RDB.. "Welcome to India" Vinod !

No one is proud of the bribe culture we have here. But I dont think, anyone does anything about it either.

I am sorry..I am not pointing fingers..I am generalizing ..and that includes me as well !

By the way..thank you for your comment on my blog !

Vinod R Iyer said...

King:Great to know that the link was useful

Prince:Lets just say .. Driving in India is an art !!

Uma: Lets raise our voice rather than pointing fingers. Thanks for dropping by

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