Saturday, April 7, 2007

Shall we eat out today?...

Golden words which mom or dad would say once in a blue moon. There used to be a time when my bro and me would have to request for days before we get to eat out. It would be nothing great. We would go there and eat the same old dosas and puris of the world. But the sheer pleasure of going into a restaurant, sitting in an AC room and eating was something we always looked forward to. And in a laid back city like Trivandrum you wouldn’t have much options to choose from. There was “Hotel Arulakam” and “Hotel Alankar”. Once in a month, was appa’s budget, I think. The craze to eat biriyani and to drink rose milk took us to the same restaurants time after time. And of course amma had to make a comment every time we went in there “ I could have made all this at home. I don’t know why we should come here and spend like this”.

The practice of going out to eat kind of faded away once Vijay moved out of the city. Now it was time for me to save pocket money and eat out with friends. The income was less and the demands were too high. Going for movies without telling appa, eating out, buying cassettes…Boy!! I do manage finance well! :) I would have to force my friends to go into a hotel where I can get some veg food. Poor guys used to compromise a lot of times for me. Other times I would compromise and eat aloo mutter (which would be the only veg dish) in a hard-core non-veg hotel.

And there were the famous “thattu kaddas”(Roadside stalls) where you would get amazing dosai and rasa vadai. How much ever you eat the bill wouldn’t cross 20 Rupees. Heaven!! Another option would be the local “Brahmin hotels” like Venkateswara Bhavan and Balaji Hotel, which would give you full value for money. Typical south Indian dishes like sevai (our sub for noodles!), karavadai and all can be found only here.

It has been a while now since I have moved out from home to Pune to “work”. The clock has come a round circle. Eating out is no more a pleasure. Even the AC rooms don’t make a difference. I have to hunt down places to eat different things. The food culture is totally different here. The word roti scares me. For a full-fledged rice eater like me having to eat rotis subah-sham is really difficult. The sambhar they make in the hotels are sweet. Why would anyone want to eat sambhar sweetly!!! I thought that’s what the gheers of the world were made for. I know the restaurants are not run for people like us. So I shouldn’t be complaining. Almost all the bearers in these restaurants are my great pals. I can even go in and say “the usuals” and they would bring me food.

Have been Trying the Dabbawalas these days and they are no good either. Again, the sight of rotis inside that Tiffin carrier makes me feel like jump out of my window, hang on to the plane passing by and go home. I have lot of places to choose from now - Chinese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, and the so-called south Indian restaurants. But there is no homemade thair sadam (curd rice). No amma’s cookings. I used to scream at amma if there would be no appalam (paapad) with rice. Now I go 10-15 kms just eat a south Indian meal in a south Indian mess over here. And they don’t give appalams!

Of course I do “try” to cook at times. But for a lazy bone like me it cannot be a daily activity. And most of the times the cooking would be restricted to maggi or a rice and curd- Nothing compared to the ones you get at home. And for a food buff like me dieting does not appeal too much. I guess there are at least a million people who feel the same way I do. Probably it’s a phase of life everyone has to go through. So let me try and get past this (Eligible) Bachelor’s life of mine :). Let me leave. It’s time for lunch. The restaurant guys would be worried why I am late!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, What he has blogged is perfectly right, I am one of the victim for this, i could feel that i am back home and infact we(includes vinod too) have had food from all the mentioned hotels together and Hotel Alankaar (its not there i guess) see i cant even say the present status of this famous hotel :( was one of my fav at TVPM. I too remember asking mom why are you giving thir saadham + stuffs to me, you always make sambhar, why dont you try to make something new etc etc always making a fight with her :( now that everything has changed like hell:( Sweet sambhar is the only go (my foot i will have it) my situation of somemore pethetic, Even the Tea what i used to get is junk, (Irani chai) but there are a couple of famous tea shops in Hyd.
The situation is that my Taste buds are dead the day i stepped out from the train in hyd...... I wish really wish to take time off from my busy busy schedule(my close chaps knows what i meant) ans go home and have something which is purely home made or atleast some good hotels in there at home town that lunch has come to office, and it looks like they have arranged for a new caterer.. lets see what he has bought Oh no again sweet sambhar ( I am still at the hell ) ---- i forgot my blog accnt :) too many things to memorize .... ---


Sayesha said...

Gosh I can totally identify with this!
I remember the "We're going to a Chinese restaurant, yipppeeee!" and Mom wondering how she could figure out the recipe to the chicken chop suey... eating out was something to look forward to...

And now... yikes!


Deepa said...

I can assure you that you are definitely not alone in the want-mom's-food-when-its-not-available gang.:-)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Hari: I can empathise with u :) ..

Sayesha: Sigh it is !!

Deepa: I know! There are a million!As they say U dont know wat u ve got till its gone ..

Ram ! said...

exactly true!! u took us into a flashback man ! and it is so astonishing to know that every "amma" thinks the same ..
"i would ve made this better @ home" hats off to you for your "rightings" !!
go heights vinod !

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thnks Ram :)

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