Saturday, April 7, 2007

Over and Out !!!

Over and Out !!!

The other day, I was in my usual routine of having a tea in my office at around 11 am. This is one of the means of spending half an hour’s time!! And discussing worldly important things like movie reviews, cricket controversies, life, etc, etc. One of the senior managers of my company was sitting there. The conversation was something like this:

M: So Vinod, Wat’s up?
Me: Nothing!! Everything is AS USUAL.
M: Come on yaar, you are a billable resource now (A jargon popular in the software industry where company charges the client for hiring me!!!). You are earning in Dollars now.
Me: (fake laughter) I am not earning, the company is earning J
M: Ya. But even the Tea that you are drinking is given by the company!!
Me: Ya. That is why they are giving it free these days, I supposeJ. (And I take off with my tea)

Just after the incident, my friend and me started a conversation. She said “Couldn’t u just have nodded and smiled at what he said. You shouldn’t have reacted to him. He is a senior manager. What would he think about u??”

That was the topic for the day and we debated it with our hearts out. But it made me think a lot as to what people really think about me! Probably that day he would thought ‘what an over-smart’ guy he is!’

I always thought I am a smart, confident, enthusiastic guy. Just add a word “over” to all those attributes; it would still suit me. Infact, coming to think about it, it might suit me better!! I always have found it difficult to find a balance and find a point where I should stop being smart. The line is pretty thin! And once someone thinks you are “over” then it is pretty hard to get back to normal! Then whatever one does will be considered as an act of over doing. And if you exceed the limit then comes the term “show-off” added to your vast range of reputations. I know at least 50% of the people I met might just think that I am a show-off. Probably the other 50% know me!! (Confidence or over-confidence?!)

In that case me writing these things in itself is a show-off!! Why should I write everything and put it in some website instead of writing it in a personal diary? (I hate the idea of writing personal diary anyways!!Why do you have to write one if u don’t want anybody to read it ?!)

But still, I just cannot find the line where it goes “over”! And neither do I have tons of experiences to sit back, think about and learn from. So before it hurts me real badly I should get on to look for the LOC. Probably I should stop chasing my dreams and search for the line instead!! Hey, Have you seen the line by any chance? : )

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Joe said...

Don't spent time searhing for LOC, you would never see it.

You know what? You are tooo far from the line..


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