Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh my God, Get out of here!!

The two lines synonymous to two of the greatest shows I love: FRIENDS & SEINFELD. I remember seeing the pilot of friends on star world. It was kinda nice. Then once it was into full flow, it got the nation watching it, like it did to the People in states. I mean Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Pheobee, & Racheal became a part of our lives. I remember watching the show every night and then watching the repeat the next day. It is amazing how the episodes remain fresh even after watching them an umpteen number of times. Chandler Bing would be my personal favorite out of the whole lot. Funny is what funny does! He is my idol when it comes to impromptu speaking. One episode I would watch a million times is the one in which the girls compete against the boys in Ross’s Quiz. I can go on and describe a thousand such episodes but so many others would have done that already. So saving this space!

I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without watching Friends. I thought there was no show, which could match this one. Then came Seinfeld. Even though this show had been telecasted in the US television before I had not heard about it. Like the Americans thought friends is just a replica of Seinfeld, I thought the other way around. But then I had to change my p.o.v soon. This show turned out to be the mother of all shows in the world. It is a show about nothing. Seriously it is. Four people hanging out together in apartments, movies or restaurants. Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benis, George Costanza & Cosmic Cramer. I mean, there are no sentiments, drama, friends parting, break ups, make-ups. It is sheer situational comedy. These guys can turn any situation into a comic one. Be it movie watching, Baptism, Anniversary, Break up, shopping: You name it. They can just turn it into a laughter ride. Meet George Costanza. My guru. This guy is one hell of a character. This guy is a born looser. And prides himself of being one. Life to him is nothing but a series of disaster. If any girl likes him he suspects the girl of being abnormal. That’s him. Seinfeld, a comedian himself rocks. Elaine is the most irritating person ever to hit a TV screen. But you would love to have a friend like her. And Cramer. … Hua!! No words to describe his character. The show ended after running for a good four years in US. And what was the last episode? No it was not friends parting off to different locations. All four of them end up in Jail!!
Kudos to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld for a fantastic show.

All right, why am I blogging about them? There would be a million blogs written around the globe praising the shows. But yet these two shows made a difference to my life. It changed the way I look things. These people inspire half the humour that I crack. These guys taught me how to be funny. Not that I am an amazing comedian now. But whatever little comedy occurs in my life is a tribute to these characters. There have been several occasions when I face some situation, then remember an episode from one of the two shows and laugh by myself. My only concern is that people would think I am mad laughing away by myself. But do I care!

Life is full of problems and unsolved situations. But if you could view that from a comic angle the depth of the situation lessens. After a day’s work (or no work) spending an hour watching these two shows makes my head feel lighter. And if I were to rate the two I would say 49-51 in favor of Seinfeld. It would be great if they were to come back and do a season more. Waiting for it like a million others.

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Kirthi said...

Ahh those r my fav shows too. I like Elaine, because I've been through some of those exasperating situations she experiences and Kramer is so looney. I guess I like Chandler too. He is not too dumb, not too over intelligent and has a gr8 sense of humor.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Kirthi: Thanks for dropping by my blogspace! So which one would you pick over the other ?

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