Saturday, April 7, 2007

No quarter given ...none taken

Yes, it has been a while since I scribbled something down. For a change this time, I was busy with work!! But the actual reason is that I had nothing to write about. I am an impulsive writer and just cannot open the word pad and stare at it thinking what to type.

Ok…Enough of the introduction. Those are always boring! Coming to the point…

Have you heard the phrase quarter life crisis? I hadn’t till lately, when a friend of mine told me about this. They say this is the time for you to remain in a state of confusion whatever you do in your life. I usually don’t relate to these psychological ideologies. But had to give this a thought since I am experiencing it. Not only me. But people who I know who are in their mid twenties seem to have been bitten by it.

So what is the big fuss about the mid twenties? In more than a way it decides where your life is heading. And if you are not happy with what you are doing with your career the issue worsens. And that is just the beginning of the list of problems that I am encountering. And so are the others. Was just trying to list down the problems, which are common and apparent. Some of these are from the numerous blogs I visit too. And the top 25 are ….

Where is my career heading
What am I doing in this office
Why is my salary so low
Why is it that I always get such pathetic rating
Should I jump now or wait a lil longer
Should I switch industry and follow my passion
When will I go onsite
Should I go back to India now? But who will give me such money and luxury
How the hell do I get into a B school without preparing
Should I do a PG …part-time?
What should I invest in
Where should I settle down
For the singles community….When will I find him/her
Why am I the only one who is single!
Should I get married now
Should I go hunting in Orkut
Am I becoming too fat
If you have found someone already .. Why cant she/he just say YES!!
Why is it that I who compromise often
Will this work out? Will both the parents agree?
Should I just chuck him/her and make my parents happy
Should I give him/her up for my career
Is he/she really the one!!
Shouldn’t I do something for the country (At least I mull over this)
Will India win the world cup!!

Was watching the weekly show “Young Turks” on CNBC India the other day. And it just struck me that there are people who overcome this phase very easily. And probably that is why they are featured in the show for being successful.

There are people who are content with what they have. Very few I would say. There are people who take control of their lives and get what they want. And there are others like me who are just like a leaf floating in a wind. Even a Gayle wouldn’t disturb us for we would wait for it to pass and start floating again allowing the wind to take us wherever it wants to rather than making the wind to carry us where we want.

You don’t have to be a Libran to be confused at 25!! Most of them find an answer to these questions as their life progresses. But seldom have I seen people who take this as a phase of their life and enjoy it. I guess that includes me too. But I am trying..

Let me signoff with the two of my current favorite one liners..

It takes little to reclaim your life!!

Life is calling …Where are you!!

Ps: Couldn’t resist mentioning the song that has been playing umpteen number of times in my music player - Tose naina laage from Anwar. If you haven’t heard it, then please do. From a lesser-known composer called Mithoon the track is mesmerizing. Kshitij the male voice in the track is talent to watch for and as for the female voice of Shilpa Rao ..All I can say to her is ….Will you marry me ?!! :)

Comments others had were:

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

1st time here :) Nice blog and ur post on dec 12 was too good :)

Keep writing!

Divs said...

I guess its back with a bang! :) Nice post. I think there are other people who phase that 'quarter life crisis' even without comin under the 'mid twenties' category, but not necessarily with the same set of questions ;-) Maybe we're all always confused abt something or the other in life...! So, enjoy the confusion! If you're confused, it means you're thinking, and its not bad to think a tad :)

Liked the one liners!

aditi said...

hmmm..good to know that you are back..nice blog..and you can count me in for the quarter life crisis !!

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

woah, you've taken a break! :)
i agree with divs on the confusion thing though.
confusion happens at every stage.. no one is really settled at any point till.. say forty i wud say. lol... and whats worse is when you find any of your contemporaries all set and you're still scratching at the scalp, clueless. that sure is scary :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ponnarasi: Thnks a lot ...

Divs: Evolo easy ya sollitte :) ...

Aditi: We all do , dont we ?!

Shruti:Scary it is :(

shakti said...

yeah..thank god.:)

Vibhanshu said...

I guess these questions plaque all of us these days. Some of me and my friends call it quarter life crisis. the problem that arises out of knowing too much and doing so little :)

_audi_ said...

good one...impressed :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shakti: Did nt get u !!

Vibanshu: Welcome to the club !

Audi: Thank u thank u thank u :)


Joe said...

Even I belong to your group.. just like a leaf floating in a wind. The sad part is that you realize it and still you don't do anything about it.

At times you get charged and decide to change. Thats when you would talk to your manager, would start reading books, would join a gym or start jogging, try to ignore the girl and do stuff like that. But you cannot do that for long and within few days would be back to your old self. Probably this is called 'laid back attitude'... Not sure. Anyways I love my life and I'm enjoying it.

I'm amazed by the blogs you post.


Vinod R Iyer said...

Thanks Joe :)

Laid back attitude it is .. !! Cant find a way out though

Swatz said...

nice post:D

off late, i hav been pondering over few of the questions that u ve mentioned. and the phase through im going thru currently...i dunno whether m towards the end of QLC!! or m moving onto the next level of it:D:P

Swatz said...

Strangely enough, I was in a similar phase during my early twenties!! Now life looks much clearer, when I am in Q2! [guess QLC should be named as 'early 20 life crisis :P] - Generation gap :D