Saturday, April 7, 2007

Main Shaayar Toh Nahi.....

Aadhi Raat ki ye khamoshiyan,
Lati hain yadein un suhane lamhon ki
Badi zalim hoti hai ye tanhayiyan,
Aankhen bandh karte hi dikhati hai jhalak un nigahon ki.

Keyed this down in my mobile @ 1 A.M . The melancholic strains of ae ajnabi playing in my mp3 player brought back some distant memories.

Sher-o-shayari – An art, which I had quite a liking to. I still do. But may be not with the same passion. There are times in your life when the stupidest of the shers would sound amazing. Yup. You got it right .The time when you "fall" in love. I still am not sure if it was love. But it was something like it. And there I was writing poetry (if you could call it that).

I love collecting these shayaris. And since "someone" liked sher-o-shayari, it was more of a reason to do so. I liked the idea of expressing thoughts in a rhyme. But the problem was my hindi :) . I was not as bad as a south Indian would usually be at hindi. But the gender problem was very much there. Trying to overcome that, I ventured into an unknown territory. The problem arose when I just couldn’t write sensible things. Most of the sher I tried to write would end up being those bimar ashique wala stuff (Arrey samjho na…Impress jo karma tha madam ko). And since it was literally only words that all I had to take her heart away, tried writing some shers myself. When I look back at some of them today, I have a good laugh. Here are some samples –

Koi ek ho jo hum keh sakthe hain humare
Kaash hume bhi mil jaye kahin se koi ishaare
Sab dosthon ne apni humsafar doond li hai
Bus hum hi rah gaye hain aaj tak kunware.

Sota raha aapke khwab dekhthe hue raath bhar.
Ab din aaya toh kya hua, koi tikana nahi is khwab par.

Dil karta hai aaj bheeg jane ko,
Pani ke boondon mein kho jane ko.
Bhar gaya hai man suraj ki tapish se,
Koi jaake kahen baarish ko aajane ko.

Shukar hai bhagwan ka, Usne duniya gol banaya hai
Jitni duur wo gayi utni paas bhi toh aayi hai...

Sharaab ke nashe mein kya rakha hai
Kabhi mohobat karke toh dekho
Sharaab ka nasha tho yun nikal jata hai
Pyar ke nashe se ubharkar toh dekho

Tum bhi wahi ho,Main bhi yahi hun
Phir ye faasle kyun bad gaye
Ab tak ke safar mein toh saath chale
Ek mod aa jane par tum kyun mud gaye

Tere bina jiya hai, tere bina aur bhi ji lenge
Is tute hue dil ko Kisi aur ke dil se si lenge

Yes, I totally agree with you. I suck at it :) . And I should leave sher-o-shayar to the professionals.But after a long time when a sher occurred to me it just took me back in time. Nostomania spares no one I guess. And I visited back those pages where I scribbled these things. It was a funny feeling. I did not know whether to be emotional about it or laugh at myself.

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padma said...

"And I visited back those pages where I scribbled these things. It was a funny feeling. I did not know whether to be emotional about it or laugh at myself.".....

i go through the same feeling when i read my diary entries...the crushes,the guys in coll,things i did to impress few ppl,fights with friends,heartbreaks,bunking classes...all that...
a good blog!

Anonymous said...

of course u`re gud!! u`ve a doubt kya?

Ramaa Iyer said...

U r gud but hey you too Vinod? :)

aditi said...

I too am no judge of sher-o-shayari..but can say one thing for are good at it ..and there's no problem with the hindi either.Moreover, as long as they convey the message...what more do u want?...what say ;-)

divs said...

people who've commented here really seem to appreciate your stuff...seems like good. But hell, i cant deny i laughed! Like hell :) nice entertainment! But its really nice to know that a girl can still make a guy do that ;-) Nice post

Vinod R Iyer said...

Padma: We all do I guess. Thnks

Ano: Err... now that you are saying ..I have a doubt :)

Ramaa: What to do!!!

Aditi: What say ? Whatever u say !! :)

Divs: Well what can I say .. Hope u had a great time :)

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Swatz said...

hmmm..nicee :) :D