Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life is a lesson ..You learn it when u r through !

The line out of the Limp Bizkit song is so true. I have been out of action for sometime when it comes to blogging. And I got to learn a few things during this time.

1)Never go for swimming in a public pool in rainy season : It was one of the things in my “want to do list” for a long time. But the time I chose was perhaps wrong. My good friend Sarin and me decided to learn swimming. We thought we would learn it in 15 days and then swim across the Atlantic. Well not only did we not learn it; we ended up with having jaundice. It is tough when you are down with any kind of illness. When you whole body goes for a toss and you just not are in control. But it is worse when you have to do it alone! I still remember getting dehydrated in the middle of the night. It’s amazing how wonderfully a human body works. You don’t faint while sleeping. So it will wake you up and make you faint! The walk from my bed to kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself was like participating in a marathon!

2)Never travel alone when you are ill: Thanks to the airhostess who came up to me and covered me with a blanket. I was down and out. For once I was thankful that I was flying Air India! I had almost missed the flight. After a 6 hour journey from Pune to Mum(which normally would take 3 hrs) , I was running at full speed to catch the flight. I couldn’t believe that I was running .In the bus I couldn’t feel my legs. I bet the thermometer would have soared past 100, had I used one.

3)There is no place on earth like Home: And no one loves you more than your parents. And I mean NO one. I felt relieved once I reached home. I could see the concern in my Amma’s and Appa’s faces. And it felt so good to just lie there in my bed. Half the illness was cured there.

4)Doing nothing is the toughest thing on earth: That coming from one of the most laziest persons living. For around a month I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. TV was junk. No access to mails, blogs or any kind of entertainment. I thought I could do nothing and yet enjoy life. But I guess I was wrong. The period made me lazier. But it was great to catch up with lots of things you missed out in your daily routine.

5)Map your future, But do it with a pencil: I missed one of my best friend’s wedding and with it a lot other things while I was down with illness. I had planned one month in advance a trip home and also attending her marriage. But then had to change plans! Life never comes through as you plan it. Why do you think the airline companies give low price tickets with no refund? Half of the booking would be cancelled or rescheduled! That’s when you realize how important it is to have a plan B.

6)Birthday is also one of the 365 days: Just passed a Quarter of Century living in this planet last month. And as usual the b'day chills were running on me. Who all would call? Who all would remember it? Would I get a gift ? How many people would I have to treat?I realised that it was not only me who went through this. Each and every person does and that too each and every year.It was a quite b'day with just some good wishes and blessings from my friends.Quite relieving to escape the bums.But the fact remained that it was just another day.And it should always be that way I are born on that day.So what? You want the world to celebrate it?Atleast a million people would be celebrating birthdays everyday.But the fun around it never seem to end.

7)Gandhi was not that bad: What ? Gandhi- Bad ?? Yes. I was one of those people who thought that gandhian idea ruined out country. I presumed him to be a guy who went begging to the British for independence. I thought the bhagat singh way was much better. Drive them out of the country. I still do. I would have loved to have Bhagat singh as the first prime minister of India. Anyways, seeing Lage Raho Munnabhai changed my opinion to a large extend. Gandhi was not that bad. He was doing something, which a normal man would have never done. Not only did he follow ahimsa and non-violence. He inspired a whole generation to do so. I admire him for his marketing skills!! Imagine driving the whole nation into believing that they can do it his way to get independence. And now coming back in a movie and inspiring the next generation. Hats off to Raju Hirani for a wonderful movie. A wonderful thought. I know the effect of the movie wouldn’t last long. But if he can influence at least ten people who watched the movie, he can pat himself on his back. And by the way, the movie was awesome. The perfect blend of humor and drama. And with my darling Vidya in it …I am buying a DVD least to say!Gandhigiri –A good thought which is tough to practice. We need another Gandhi to preach it all over again.

8)India is not going to win the champions trophy: Sad but true. I hope I go terribly wrong on this. But I feel I wouldn’t. With the ‘crazy chap’ doing his experiments to derail the Indian cricket, I don’t see them performing up to their caliber. May be some individual performances would save a day or two for the team but eventually the absurd strategies would back fire. Again I wish I were pathetic at predictions.

The first part of this writing would seem like I want to be a sentimental hero like Dada. But the fact is I am a forget head. Few months down the lane I would forget all about these things which I don’t want to do. I want to come back and see this space, which would tell me that life is not that easy. And I have to learn from these lessons which life tries to teach me.

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I completely agree with you on points 1-6 !! very well written ! :-)

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Thanks Aditi ..

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