Saturday, April 7, 2007

Krishh - The Super Zero

Rakesh Roshan is one of the most hyped up directors in the Hindi film industry. All his movies have nothing but too much of melodrama. His last 3-4 movies worked only because of one reason – Hrithik! Saw the latest baap-beta combo last week …Krrish!!

The movie is supposed to be a super hero movie. But as it turns out it is nothing but a typical Rakesh Roshan saga with some brilliant actions scenes fitted into it. I must agree that the actions scenes were really good. It would match even the Hollywood movies. But the action scenes are really, a misfit there. Poor Hrithik had to do all the rope-climbings. This super hero is set out not to save the world. He is going around jumping through the buildings just for his girl. And later to retrieve his dad (Jaadu wala hrithik) who apparently is not dead. He is under the captivity if the great villain, Nasuruddin Shah who has kept him alive for turning ON a super-computer which only he can do. The movie goes on with a pathetic screenplay with no effective dialogues.

I am surprised how people can take the audience for granted like this. How many times in a movie would we have seen the son going to save his father. And the villain just cannot find a way to stop this guy. All his gundas run around with Lattis is their hand. For god’s sake can’t the villain buy them a revolver each? At the end only one revolver is there and Hrithik snatches it and kills Nassuruddin . Blah!!

I would give –5 rating to Rakesh Roshan for wasting talents like Nassuruddin Shah, Hrithik and Priyanka Chopra. The most irritating character in the movie is the lady who comes in as Priyanka’s friend. I could have really got into the screen and given her a slap!

I appreciate his idea of taking Indian cinema a step ahead and all that. But he is far away from doing it. It’s in fact a step backward. And if you think that it is a Children’s movie then you are far from it. The only good reaction from the kids was when Hrithik was drinking Bournvita. One of the kids shouted in the hall saying “Mujhe bhi bournvita peena hai” J. In fact in whole of the movie parallely runs a ad campaign. For various brands ranging from Bournvita, Tide, Vicks, Hero Honda . I would sit at home and watch the adds. I don’t have to spend Rs.180 for that(Yes …180 Rs !!!:( )

The action scenes, as I said, deserve appreciation. It is as good as a Spiderman or a superman flying around. I sincerely hope that this movie has seen the birth of a super hero. But I would like some other talented guy to take the legacy forward with some sensible screenplay. And hope that the action hero does what he is best at – save the world. Hrithik – Good job. Rakesh – Please spare us!

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Vijay said...

ya, even I wish it was a hit! i like all the super-heroes kind of movie...esp., this one was from India..

anyway, hope ppl make some good one sometimem...

scipio said...

Darn! I wanted to review this movie but you beat me to it. I have a policy of not writing about something if I have read about it in someone else's blog (coz I think it influences my thots :P)

Mighty good review!

You hit the nail when you said that this is not a super hero movie coz it lacks the "saving the world" bit which is an essential in any run of the mill superhero movie.

Oh... and you forgot one of the biggest product placements in the movie. Lay's Chips!!! :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Vijay: Hope so too !

Scipio: Thnks! Missed Lays:)

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