Saturday, April 7, 2007

I killed the Cat

Yes, I have finally killed it. (Read it properly… I didn’t say I have cracked it!!).

The exam season has started and started with a bang this time. It is the mother of all exams CAT that is first in line. This is the third time I am attempting the CAT. It is almost like a part of my life now. Come November and there I am trying to find a way into the bus, which is a short cut to success. And this time it has to be my best attempt. Given that I could win over my stupid, dumb, lazy conscience and take those books in my hand to prepare. The first time around, it was more of a trip to Chennai that prompted me to write it. Then I got into the big, dead world of software industry. So gave a shot at CAT again last year thinking that miracles do happen (I later realized that 90% of the people over here thought the same). Come on, if miracles do not happen, then the faith of people in miracles would go away!! This time it was a more stream lined effort. I am not saying I have been burning mid night tube light for the past 6 months. But ya by my standards, I did put in a lot of effort.

It was amazing to see the responses of the people when I told them I am giving the CAT again. My friends were celebrating the fact that I had hit a hat- trick. One of my friends called me up in the morning of the day of the cat and said “Many many happy returns of the day man!!!”. I laughed my head out. Yet another response was “Why don’t you give the money to charity rather than donating it to the Institutes every year”. And one of my best friends,Sankar, was telling me ”Nammalle kondu ithonnum pattula dei”(These things are not in our reach man). May be that was the truth. And at times you have to accept some things for what they are. But I thought I shouldn’t regret later that I did not try.

In fact I had a detailed discussion with Pillayar (Ganpati) on the day before the CAT. It went something like this:

Me: Please let me crack it this time!!
Him: No
Me: What? Why? Don’t I deserve this time atleast?
Him: No
Me: Come on. I have even studied this time.
Him: How much?
Me: Ok .. Not like people who spend a year through out with full hearted effort. But still…
Him: Exactly. What do I tell them then ?
Me: What about my talent. Don’t you think I deserve it just for that?
Him: Ya right. Thank me that you have reached this far in life.
Me: Hmm …Please please please … 108 thengas? (108 nariyals)
Him: Nope.
Me: I can’t fail this time. All my friends will laugh at me.
Him: Whatever. You reap as you sow.
Me: Ok fine. I will give my best tomorrow in the hall. If you think I deserve then get me through. Ok ?
Him: Ok ..Let me see. But chill. See I postponed the release of GURU’s music just for you. Now be happy listening to that.

May be I will make it this time. May be I won’t. But whatever the result is I will take it with all my heart. And as I retire from the CAT Test takers community, here is wishing the entire CAT lovers the best of luck. May the CAT god bless you all!!

Comments others had were:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm......all the best to u too!

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

dint u ever think of askin Ganapathi "how many times do u have people CAT-ing it a THIRD time! doesnt the perseverance get me in? " :D

scipio said...


You really took the sting outta the defeat man...

Anonymous said...

"But I thought I shouldn’t regret later that I did not try" ...this is the thought that will help you move on from those CAT days..and take on the software industry with a new perspective! Good luck!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anonymous1: Thank u !!

Shruti: Preseverance is a virtue alrigt!! Danks to u too :)

Scipio:Life is like that mate :)

Anonymous2: Well ....The game is not over yet!! :)

Deepa said...

Meow, may you come out successful! BTW, whats language did Sankar speak to you in? I didn't quite get it.

Divs said...

I laughed out loud too! For many many happy returns of the day! hehe that was cute. And... Good luck this time! Am sure pillayar kai vidamataar!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Deepa: That was mallu .. To be specific ..Trivandum mal :)

Divs: Avarku irrukkarade 4 kai ..paavam evalo pera kai vidama pidichupaaru :D...lets c !!

Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey don't worry..Seri Verbal sema toughnu i heard this time?How did you find it to be?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ramaa: It was tough. And when your strong point becomes tough it is all the more painful!! :)

Anonymous said...

da, modhs gave me this link...

hehe, hope ur blogs are not deleted by a cracker! just back 'em up... mine were deleted da...

ur ex-roomie+dost

don't post a reply back to me, i probably won't come back... my blogs got hacked and were deleted, so i lost interest in 'em... ciao!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thanks a lot man ..will do that :)

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