Saturday, April 7, 2007

GURU - Out of the world !!!

It has been a week now since I bought GURU. And my music box is working over time. Boss is back!! And whenever Rahman’s music releases it gives me a kind of anxiety. From Dil Se, I have always waited for the music release of all his albums. The latest one was no different. And when it is a Mani-ARR combo then the anxiety doubles. It is good music guaranteed.

I will not be reviewing the album simply because of couple of reasons. One, I don’t have the musical knowledge to do so and two I think all(except may be very very few) of Rahman’s songs are good. I just wanted to express my thoughts as I listen to the 7 songs.

“Damdara Damdara Mast Mast” sang Rahman in an interview at the launch of the music. “Tere Bina” is an instant hit. It is unlike a Rahman song in the sense that you would like it instantly rather than at the 4th or 5th hearing. Watch out for Rahman’s vocal abilities when he sings “Aaja Chakri ke mare”!!! And it was good to hear Chinmayee singing in Hindi.

The first song that appealed to me in the album was “Ae Hayratein Aashiqui”. After a long time Hariharan has sung for Rahman. And was it worth a wait or what. The way in which Hariharan twists and turns his voice is magical. Call me if you want to hear the song. J

I have this strange habit where a line from the song gets into my head and I keep singing it till I hear it again. Sadly for my friends, I picked up this line from the song “Ek lo ek muft”. It is a sharaabi song. And I was singing like a sharaabi all the while. I wonder if Bappi Lahri sang it after a couple drinks too. So much natural it is. I bet it would funny to watch too.

Baazi laga” and “Barso Re” are typical Rahman stuff. You would feel it is just another song. But when you hear it 10-15 times it would keep ringing in your head. Shreya Goshal and Udit Narayanan has done their job with ease.

Mayya” has been sung by Mayyam Toller, an Arabic singer. The rhythm of the song is just breathtaking. It surely would make you dance. The song is complex least to say. Only Rahman could have come up with this number going away from the 1-2-3 1-2-3 style of songs.

And now coming to the song of the album –“Jaage hain”. The first time I heard this song I was thinking that here is one intense song. And I was not wrong. Masterpieces do not come very often. And here was one. Golden lines by Gulzar Sahab and Rahman has sung it like no one could.

Jaage hain der tak humein
Kuch Der sone do
Thodi si raat aur hai
Subuha toh hone do

Aadhe adhure Khwaab jo
Pure na ho sake
Ek Baar phir se neend mein
Wo khwaab hone do

The fourth time I heard the song I cried. I do not know why. There was no reason for me to cry. But I just couldn’t block them. When I heard the song it just took me into another level and I just sat there weeping. Thank you Rahman !!

I rate a Rahman's album in 3 ways. 1)Good 2)Excellent and 3) Out of the world. Guru ofcourse is Out of the world.

The CD cover gives credit to each and evey musician involved in it and even to the dilect coach. I can’t wait to see the movie now and I am sure Mani Ratnam would do justice to the songs. I just pray that Rahman keeps composing for a long time and I just keep listening to him.

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Anonymous said...

khush raho!

Sushma said...

I totally get the crying for apparently no reason. A song CAN move a person to cry just because of the mood it sets. Not that Jaage Hain is a sad number, it's just very very moving! Neat review! Like I said, the songs gives me goosebumps when I listen to it even now. More so, I just have to THINK of the song and I get goosebumps! Yep! This one's definitely an Out-of-the-worlder!

Rahmanic said...

Hi dude nice review man..surely Guru is out the world.
Hats of to our Boss..
visit my blog and leave ur comments for my take on guru.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Anonymous : !!

Sushma: Great to know that there is someone else too who thinks in a similar way

Rahmaniac: Thnks. WIll surely do.

Shruti said...

confused.. i thought i dropped in a comment here yestday but dont see it now!

Vinod R Iyer said...

shruti : Strange ! Can u re-do it if you dont mind :)

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

here goes - "and yet, barso re appealed to me first. lol.. and jage hain does truly strike a chord"

San said...

totally loved this album, read more here

Ramaa Iyer said...

Same here with Jaage hain..Soul searching voice & lyrics to match it.I like Ilayaraja's voice coz i used to think that noone can sing like him but hey when ARR started,i knew i was wrong.And once again our man's done the magic.Kewl that we share similar tastes

Aparna.G said...

As much as I like Rahman, I think his style of music comes out as classy after a series of crappy or monotonous stuff.. Roja was one of the most brilliant movies - in every sense! Right now, any music without Himesh on it will be a hit! :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Shruti: Thanks for the re-post:)

San:Will do

Ramaa: His singing has always been under-rated. Ye jo Des hai tera in Swades is an example

Aparna: Spare the poor guy :) .BTW it is his(Himesh's)album that sells !!

Ramaa Iyer said...

Absoultely..Same goes with Vellai Pookal from KNM

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