Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Dream(in the) Job ??

‘Thanks a lot Boss, it was a pleasure working with u’, I told my manager as I packed my stuff to leave the office for one last time. Your first job is always close to your heart. A job which I did not even dream of being in. A job in which I never thought I fitted in. A job in which I learnt basically nothing! Staring at the computer for hours together trying to figure out what it wants me to do. Honestly, I get scared when people talk about stuffs like the codes, application, different languages to learn, different platforms blah blah blah.. The jargons related to this IT industry are unlimited. I would like to meet the people who came up with such terms. I am sure they would be someone like me, who did not know what he/she was doing in life.

And there were those work-less days. Some people call me lucky for always having no work to do. But I think otherwise. I never had a problem with working! But there has to be a work to do. I am no workaholic alright, but can easily bend my back to do finish off things given to me. Probably if I had work I would have loved the job a bit more. I am sure this industry could do with half the resources they have. But then people like me wouldn’t have got into it. A typical IT industry related thing – either u have loads of work or u have none! If someone does figure out a solution please do tell the world!

May be if you have the aspiration, you can excel in this field. Aspiration-Now where do I find that? The major aspirations I see in others are to get a foreign country and make money. It doesn’t appeal to me much to go so far and live in a place where you don’t belong. May be I can make some money? But I would like to be one of those who would be in the country and still earn a good living (Good = luxurious!!!). You need a conviction in your beliefs for that. Conviction- what is that!

The road ahead was challenging. After all I was gonna join one of the most premier institutes in the country. I was all set to join college….again! This PG was a thing I had wanted to do two years back. Nevertheless, I have a chance now. I had always thought that I would excel in management, since I just have to talk talk and talk, which I believe I am good at. The pressure will be high. Much more than sitting at my desk and counting the hours left in the day. A couple of years down the lane I would be in demand!!

At last there was a change in life! … As if I found the restart button for the life. Suddenly I heard someone call me …. “Vinod .. Vinod .. Wake up!!! Man U slept off at ur desk? We have training now in ten minutes..chal jaldi” My colleague woke me up.

Damn … These daydreams ….They will ruin me one day .. Or may be they wont!

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Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hey Vinod... thanks for dropping by at my place. The way you put it, yes, the number of people actually working their arses off at any point in time in the IT industry may not be so little, but some junta do get a lot of bench time :)

So where are you headed for your PG?

Ram Aiyar said...

Hey man... i didnt get to see these new rightings you damn dint tell when we spoke over the phone yesterday.. good to read these, i just could see you in the same way as had in chennai/tvm/pune ...

IT -- whew Yes!! You are right its like staring at a PC and it will ask what next? My job is something you know crap! It needs lot of patience to make everthing up, so dude be happy that you dont need to work ... atleast for now. I wish i could be like you not for so long but atleast a couple of weeks time... i dont when thats gonna happen till now i have read the day dreaming let me have a close look at your cricket stuff, you keep updating and dont back off with your dreams! We just can dream wanna really make that happen ? Yes/NO Y/N at last Nah ....

About me -- Close chap Vinod,childhood friend, same school, same bench, same college, same tuition etc etc etc from Gods own country :)))

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thnks a lot ram!! Trying to survive here :)

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