Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boss is here

The Tamil movie industry is buzzing!! After a long long time it has got a reason to do so. It is one name which would drive thousands in the southern part of the country excited that is in the news. Mr. Sivaji Rao alias Rajinikant. And when the movie is named after his original name, the excitement just gets better. It’s just getting started. All the big names are coming together. Shankar, AVM, Rajini & A.R.Rahman !!

Before I get into the Rahman praising mode just wanted to bring forth a thing I noticed.
While one part of the country is going ga ga over the name Rajinikant, I just noticed that the people in other parts are not so. It’s strange how a hero, a superstar, a kingmaker in one part of the country is perceived as a comic character in the other part. Just the mention of his name brings smiles to their faces. For, they are not aware of the experience that one goes through while watching a Rajini movie. Still remember going with an injured leg to the theatre to watch the first day first show of ‘BABA’. Although the movie was a pain, just the experience of watching a super hero being hailed was itself was amazing.

When I say he is a kingmaker I really mean it. I mean, this guy has the power of SRK & Big B put together. He has scripts written specifically for him, dialogues specially written for him, action scenes specially designed for him… Cant think of anyone in the world probably who would have such a privilege!! He even has music in his movies designed for him .... which reminds me ..

Have been listening to the songs in the movie. Boss is here again( Rahman ofcourse). But again as I said the album is designed for Rajini!! A typical Rajini album starting with an intro song, Ballellakka, by SPB. Followed up with a punch song, athiradee, sung this time by Rahman. And accompanied by Sayonara. Wonder where Rahman finds these amazing singers from. Sahana/Sahara & Vaaji vaaji are pretty ordinary songs when it comes from Rahman. Why on earth does Udit narayan have to sing a Tamil romantic song when there are dozens of talented ones here. Even I could have done better justice to the song!(Err…). With Baba rap taking off so well it was well expected that there would be a Blaze number in the album and it really is a Blaze number. But for me the song of the album is Style. Just for the fact that it breaks the Rajini album trend. I mean who would have thought of Hip hop song for Rajini. Loved it. Hail Rahman!!(That’s the zillionth time I am saying it!) Cant wait to watch the songs in the theatre. With Shankar and Rajini together working the magic, it sure will be a roller coaster. Watch out for the Background scores.

Whatever whoever says about Rajini, he sure is a star. I am not a die hard fan or anything but I do admire the man for the following he has created for himself. So I have started to practice whistling.

Hero hero heradi hero. Staro Staro nee superstaro….


Divs said...

Its little unfortunate that i'm th first person to comment on this post...because i'm not really an admirer of rajini for anything! But that doesn't mean i do not like him...i just find all the hype a little too much! but if there's one thing i definitely wanted to comment abt - Udit narayan! WHY? U're right...anyone else could have sung it! why him! He sings well, but why tamil?! ok, thats enough. btw i'm practising whistling too! but for pirates of the caribbean 3, or to be specific...for captain jack sparrow! :D

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hm.. nice analysis ;) And saw the movie or heard the songfs?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Divs: Different people defferent tastes !! :)

Ponnarasi : Songs ...ofcourse ..Thats how I could write abt them ...waiting for the movie :)