Saturday, April 7, 2007

All in a Day's Work

(A tribute to George Costanza)

7.30 A.M: Snooze..... Thanks to the guy who invented it. After watching the pathetic Dhoom2 last night how am I supposed to wake up so early...... Was I really gaping at Hrithik yesterday in the movie? Or was it a dream. Damn man. The guy looks coo!!!Err.. I shouldn’t be saying that. I am straight!!...... God!! Run Vinod run. Bus driver is not your uncle.

9 A.M: “Gosh, Yet another day at office. How do people do this for years together? I should think about retirement now!!........ Look at the dress the guy is wearing!! For heaven’s sake somebody tell him he is not here to act in a bhojpuri movie..... The long walk now to my seat. Fake smiles through out....... I wonder what this guys thinks about me! Cool guy ? Over acting asshole? Whatever! Who the hell cares!”

9.30 A.M: Have to check my compensation letter.Damn.... Peanuts man!! Why the hell am I still here?.....People’s mood has changed abruptly. The guy who smiled at me in the morning is not smiling anymore. Why is it all about the money, honey? Well actually I can live with this. It is when you start looking into other’s wallet that one gets greedy.

12 Noon: Kyun Vinod? Kuch kaam nahi hai ?”. Fake smile. What difference does it make to you? I earn as much as you without doing any major work. And when I get work sometime in future, I will try to find a way out of it. Let me call my gang out for a tea.

1.15 P.M: Thank god I have got a good gang of friends here. Else lunchtime would have been boring.

2 P.M: zzzzzzz.

2.30 P.M: Hope my manager didn’t pass by. They should give us sleep breaks after lunch breaks. It’s not my fault. It has been inculcated in me from my UKG. The teacher taught us to sleep after lunch.

3 P.M: Damn. Some work. Why does all the work come only in the evening.

4 P.M : This cannot get over today. So why bother sitting over it now. Let me start it tomorrow afresh. Tea time !!! Err ..Coffee Time!! I should reduce drinking so many coffees a day. Damn I am putting on so much weight. Aise hi gaya toh I will be one uncle. Fat,Bald and lazy. Who cares? I am the way I am!! Would the girls care?? Ahh ..Forget it.

6 P.M: Hurray. Time to go home. But what would I do going home. TV? Browse? Worldspace? I should start working out from today. No. May be tomorrow!

7 P.M: Ahh …My one hour of relief.

9 P.M: What would the bai have made today. God please let it not be daal chawal….!!!Pleaseee…..
Dal Chawal it is!! Thank you god!!

10 P.M: Should I call someone for time pass? No my bill is shooting up!! Should I take up the books to prepare? The exam season is not over yet! How can I study when I m so tired after office work. Will start from tomorrow. And am I talking to myself too much these days? Is it bad to do so? ..........Whatever!!

10.30 P.M: Wow. It is cold. I love to hate this winter season. May be I should go out for a ride. But what if I catch a cold?

10.45 P.M: Did I lock the house properly? Wow. It is so calm and cold. Wish there was a girl sitting at the back seat....I should buy a car. Long drives are better than short rides!!

11.15 P.M: Time for some news. Damn these news channels. How can they be so unprofessional? Hyping up every single news they could get.

12 P.M: That was a long day. I should do something different tomorrow.

Time to sleep. Well not yet

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Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey typically my kind of day.>Wat wudn't i do to get outta this grind :)

scipio said...

It should have rather been a tribute to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich"

scipio said...

err... :)

San said...

Hrithik - oh good lord if you're waking up to thoughts about him i'm hoping it's all a nightmare

Vinod R Iyer said...

Ramaa: Tell me if u do find a way out. I will surely tell u if I do :)

Scipio: Have heard about it.Have nt got to look yet. Will try to :).But George is my personal favourite!! :)

San: Chill. I m still on the greener side :)

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